Biscuits & Cookies

Biscuits & Cookies – Both are baked sweets, often taken as snack. All purpose flour and sugar remain the common contains for most of Biscuits & Cookies, while chocolate also forms an important ingredient in most of ‘brown’ cookies. Nuts and dry fruits are also added to get distinct flavour and colour. Both are disc shapes, though there is slight difference between the both. Biscuits are flat while cookies are thick, almost like semi-sphere shapes. As thick batter is used in preparation of cookies, they take more time to cook also. Biscuits are mostly crispy while cookies retain a little bit moisture content, and they also can include chocolate chips, nuts, dry fruits, oats etc. Biscuits are generally flat. Sometimes nuts like cashews are ground and added to it, and also essence of fruits like orange. These are the major differences between Biscuits & Cookies. Biscuits are also available in sandwiched form, where a thin layer of cream, fruit mixture or a mixture of both is sandwiched in between two biscuits. Read a few recipes of both through this page.

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