Onions and shallots for hair beauty – A few easy remedies

Onions and shallots are staple things in Indian kitchen. They are used for medicinal purposes, multi-ways too. But do you know, they give some easy remedies for hair loss. Also read: How to prepare hair oil using garlic & shallots for hair thickening and remedy to grey hair? Compounds made, adding onions and shallots can give solutions to conditions such as alopecia areata, normal hair loss, hair loss from forehead etc. Here are a few easy remedies which strengthens hair, promotes its growth, avoid hair fall too.

Onions and shallots can give you healthy hair

Some factors present in onions and shallots can act as nutrition supplement to hair follicles of scalp, thus promoting hair growth. As they are rich in antioxidants, they give quick remedies to hair damages related to free radicals, excess exposure to sunlight, aging and many more. As both include ingredients to block infections, they can also avoid itching and similar hair scalp diseases too.

Hair packs using onions and shallots

1. Take two big spoons of juice of onions or shallots, and mix it with equal quantity of water or green tea and apply on scalp. After half an hour, wash it off using some mild shampoo or hibiscus leaves.

2. You can add juice of onions/shallots to coconut oil and use as hair oil. Take 1 big spoon of oil, add equal quantity of onions/shallots, and apply softly on hair scalp. After half an hour, wash it off using some mild shampoo or hibiscus leaves. You can use this oil once in a week, and also substitute coconut oil with olive oil. It improves hair growth, make it soft and beautiful too.

3. Take 4 big spoons of hibiscus leaves powder (Thali podi/powder), add two big spoons of shallots/onion juice and 1 big spoon of curd. Apply this mixture on hair scalp and hair, and wash it off with some mild shampoo after 1 hour.

4. In 3 big spoons of shallot juice, add 2 big spoons of powdered oats meal and a big spoon of almonds powdered, and prepare a mixture. Apply this mixture on your scalp and wash it off with some mild shampoo after half an hour. You can use this pack as hair scrub once or twice in a week or once in a month.

5. Take shallot juice and water in equal quantity in a mug. After washing scalp and hair, pour this mixture on your scalp slowly. No need to massage. After some time, wash and rinse your hair using lukewarm water and mild shampoo. If you do this once in a week, it improves beautiful hair.

Note: Though both onions and shallots have a lot of benefits for healthy hair, initially using them in high quantity is not good. Presence of sulphur in onions and shallots could be a reason behind this, when you apply them in scalp. They can cause discomfort to a few people. So initially use them in mild quantities, assure there are no allergies and then you can use it in regular basis or apply on scalp for a long time. Use them once or twice in a week, that’s enough.

Disclaimer: I prepared this post based on a health magazine. Please check if any of these packs I described above cause any side effects or allergic reactions, before you continue to use them on a regular basis.

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