Cosmetology can help you to turn instantly beautiful

Beauty care is a slow process and it should be done on regular basis to get better results. Yet if you are getting ready for a surprise party, you may need to achieve beauty in a short interval of time. Through a few techniques suggested below, you can achieve instant beauty and glow in parties like a flying butterfly. You need not apply sandalwood paste on your face for glorifying skin and visit a beauty parlour to get instant beauty. New technologies suggest many methods to achieve instant beauty for a lunch break or snack break. Cosmetology is the latest trend which helps you to achieve everything you dream, and it takes only a short time.

Pimples and black marks of face, paleness and increasing size of belly kill the confidence of many working women nowadays. They don’t get sufficient time for proper body care, and such defects in appearance can lead to depression and mental issues too. Same is the loss of body shape soon after delivery. Obesity and fat tummy disturb males too, particularly when they reach mid-ages. Due to nature of job and life style, most of us are not able to do regular exercises to keep body fit and in shape.

Now beauty care and cosmetology is so advanced that treatment can be conducted within 1-2 hours, and return soon after treatment. In cosmetic surgery, the whole look of a person can be changed – from hair to toe. This branch of beauty care is getting popular nowadays. Painless treatment method and visible results soon after treatments are the major reasons.

Hair transplant techniques for thick locks of hair

Thick hair is the dream of every girl, though it need not be lengthy. But hair loss and break can kill your dreams. If you loss hair after some disease or treatment, after delivery or any other reasons, hair transplant treatment can comfort you a lot. This hair transplant treatment can improve the thickness of moustache in men. It can help to cover baldness, but hair at rear end should be thick.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is also efficient. Platelets from the blood of the person undergoing treatment are separated, and later injected into the areas where stimulation is needed for hair growth. Growth factors in platelets can catalyze hair growth and improve it as well.

Fillers treatment for blushing face

To blush your face and cheeks, you can adopt fillers treatment. Hyaluronic acid present in our skin can reduce in production as age passes by or when we lose body health. Through fillers treatment, Hyaluronic acid is injected into the desired portions of body parts. The treatment takes less than one minute for completion, and results are visible within 1 hour. You can repeat the treatment after 9 months if necessary.

There is an alternate method too. Fat is taken from waist and lower belly parts, and fat content is screened. Then it is injected on face. Though this method is more expensive comparing the first one, this treatment never needs repetition. The area from which fat is taken out, reduce in fat content too.

Beautiful face

Botox treatment is quite common nowadays, mostly among celebrities who want a younger and fresh look. This treatment changes the tired look of face and gives a freshness feel. It’s also done for swellings beneath eyes, wrinkles of forehead and the lower areas of neck, to get rid of fat etc. Through this treatment, rigid face muscles which aid wrinkles on faces are loosened. It’s suited for people falling into the age group of 30-50.

A medicine named Botulinum toxin (BTX), a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species is injected into those specific muscles where wrinkles occur. The treatment is completed within 10 minutes, and results are visible after 4 hours. Complete results of botox treatment are obtained within 6 days. The effect of this treatment sustains for next 9 months. If you need, you can do the treatment for a second time.

Dimples to add beauty quotient

Smiling face with dimples – is a beauty statement for all beauties. In true sense, dimples are formed due to the absence of some face muscles. Through cosmetic methods, it’s possible to add dimples to cheeks in 5 minutes. It can be done in one cheek or both as you prefer. Some stitches are done the inner side of a few face muscles, and they are tightened to give you a ‘dimpled cheek’. As the stitches are done in the inner side of face, it’s not visible outside. After a few days, the stitch will go, yet dimple retains. You need not stay in hospital to undergo this beauty treatment.

Beauty of teeth for pleasant smile

Using suitable caps, it’s possible to reduce the gaps between teeth through cosmetic methods. If your gum is visible outside when you smile, there are smile techniques to clear those defects. It happens due to the extra pressure added by muscles around lips while smiling. Botox treatment is given to clear this defect. As its effect sustains only for a shorter time period, you can repeat the treatment whenever necessary.

Clear skin without scars

Chemical peeling can be done to remove paleness and black marks of face. Skin turns soft after this treatment, and gets a finished look. Paleness of face will also disappear. Results are visible within one week of chemical peeling. Chemical peels are available of different types – Glycolic peeling for small scars and Acetic acid chemical for deep scars to mention a few. Though chemical peeling is available in beauty parlours, it’s a better choice to visit a dermatologist and do the treatment under his supervision.

If scars and marks cannot be removed completely through chemical peeling, laser treatment is next best alternative. This treatment has one more advantage. Skin can be tightened through laser treatment. Lasers are available of different types and it’s chosen according the skin type and need. Collagen fibers are joined by passing desired laser rays through the tissues. Do you have extra hair growth in upper lips, chin and jaw bones? Laser treatment is used to burn these extra hairs too.

Tales told by eyes

Eye beauty plays a magnificent role in face beauty. For Indian faces, there is a small bow shaped line in the upper lid. Otherwise they get a Mongolian face. It’s possible to make that curve artificially, and done through the process of stitching. It adds extra beauty to eyes. Wrinkles on eye lids can also be rectified through this treatment. Stitching marks will disappear.

Blepharoplasty is the treatment used to remove black colour around eyes and it corrects defects, deformities, and disfigurations of the eyelids, and removes the hanging structures below the eye lids as well. This treatment takes one day, and you can leave hospital soon after surgery is over. It also effectively removes the fat deposits around eyes.

It’s also possible to add permanent kohl to eyes and spot on forehead and beauty spot above lips through cosmetic techniques. It’s also possible to beautify lips. If so you need not carry your makeup kit wherever you go.

Smiling flowers in lips

As age passes by, the upper lip turns soft and wrinkles slowly attack them. The defect is visible and can’t be covered even by extensive makeup. Using fillers or injected fat, you can get rid of this condition. Through this treatment, it’s possible to make your lips beautiful as oranges, blush them and improve the colour complexion too. It also helps to get rid of defects of lips, thus helping you to achieve a beautiful smile.

To add extra beauty to nose and ears

Large and broad ears don’t form a part of beauty statement. It’s possible to beautify ears and change its size and structure through cosmetic surgery. Defect of nose can kill the whole beauty. Many people hesitate to come forward to do nose surgery to give it good shape. But many of our film stars have undergone this treatment. Now it’s possible to inject fat and improve the shape of nose, without any form of surgery treatment. 

It’s also possible to remove double chin through cosmetic surgery. It’s nothing but extra fat which kills the beauty of face. Fat is removed using keyhole surgery. To remove neck wrinkles, the loose muscles beneath the chin are tightened and fixed to make your chin rigid and strong. Through this method, neck appears beautiful and in good shape.

To achieve the slim figure

Fat deposits of belly, arms and legs make many women anxious. It may happen soon after delivery or after mid-ages. Ladies may hesitate to wear many of their favorite costumes, after the increase of body fat. Liposuction is a treatment used to remove excess fat deposits of the body parts, and is done through keyhole surgery method. Anastasia is given before the surgery. The treatment can be completed within one day, and leave hospital very soon after that. You need not take leaves from office to take rest after treatment. As our skin has elastic property, it retains shape soon after treatment.

Stretch marks are quite common after delivery, and if there are so many stretch marks, the above treatment may not get desired effects. Hanging skin may be needed to trim in this case, to achieve body shape. By this way, stretch marks can be erased to some extend and body shape can also be achieved. The treatment can also restore the beauty of navel, to the original shape and beauty as it was before pregnancy. Medicines and diet are not specific after treatment.

The size of thighs can also be reduced through Liposuction method. Provisions for breast enhancement and reduction in size are also available in cosmetic surgery. The patient needs to get admitted in hospital one day for this treatment. Rest after surgery is also minimal. Back and waist portions can also under similar treatments. Reconstruction of breasts for those who have undergone treatment for breast cancer is also possible.

Hands also exhibit the age factors, similar to other body parts. Wrinkles and visible nerves are signs of aging. Through cosmetology it’s possible to remove both negative signs of aging. Wrinkles can be removed and their original beauty can be restored.

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