Garlic and Shallots – For health and beauty

The white beauty among different varieties of onions – garlic, and shallots used for Sambar! Garlic has more health benefits and medicinal values comparing shallots and normal onions. Its extract is more powerful than antibiotics to kill germs. Allicin content of garlic is responsible for this. If garlic is taken or cut into pieces and placed in the room, you can get rid of cold and other contagious diseases a little bit earlier. Through this column I shall provide a few benefits of garlic and shallots when used combined. Read more about health and medicinal purposes of garlic

Garlic and Shallots – For diabetics

Extract of shallots and garlic when distilled with ether gives a powerful medicine used in the treatment of diabetics. Certain sulphides and vitamins present in garlic helps to reduce the sugar level for diabetic patients. You can intake one or two cloves of garlic every day to reduce your blood sugar. Extract removed shallots can also be used.

Garlic and shallots protect your heart

Include garlic and shallots in your diet a lot. Both are enough to reduce blood pressure thus protecting your heart. Shallots can reduce cholesterol level of your blood and can protect your blood vessels from blood clotting.

Garlic and shallots – For body care

If you have cracks in your feet, crush a handful of garlic and shallots together. Mix it well using castor oil and apply on affected parts repeatedly. You can retain beauty of your feet once again.

Garlic and shallots – For beauty

Do you know garlic and shallots can help you in hair growth? Chop shallots to fine pieces and boil in coconut oil. Use this oil for hair. It will grow thick. To avoid grey hair let me give you a simple hair oil preparation. Heat some coconut oil. Add a few dried black pepper seeds and 3 cloves of garlic. When it cools apply this oil to your hair. Use this hair oil continuously for a few days and notice the difference.

So, many simple things are around us that provide us both health and beauty. Unfortunately our eyes never notice them and keep searching for costly items. Just include garlic and shallots in your daily diet. Both can reduce your cholesterol level as well as sugar levels promising you a better tomorrow.

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