Simple Juice Tips For You

Through this column, I would like to provide a few simple juice tips to make them tastier and give an artistic touch. For your home parties, let you shine like a star.

When you prepare juice and smoothies

1. When you prepare juice and smoothies for parties earlier, pour a little juice in ice trays and place them in refrigerator. During party time, you can use these juice cubes instead of ice cubes. If so, the juice won’t change in taste and sweetness. Also it gives an artistic touch to your juice glasses when served to guests.

2. Powder a little sugar and keep it in an air-tight container. It makes your lemon juice/juice preparation process very easy.

3. Juices are not exclusively reserved for fruits only. You can make healthy drinks using vegetables also. For diabetic patients vegetable juices are the best. You can also try combination of both fruits and vegetables to get variety and healthy juices.

4. Use only fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare juices. Even a single bad fruit chosen can spoil the whole drink.

5. Drink fresh juices as soon as they are made. Also mix it well before you drink.

6. While preparing fruit juices, never throw off the filtered fiber. You can add it to homemade ice creams. Fiber left in vegetable juices can be used in soups. 

7. The fibre left after filtering carrot juice can be used in the preparation of steam cake, upma or chapattis, and even dosas and idlis. 

8. You can also add that fibre back to the juice. It’s rich in fiber and nutritious. 

9. There is an easy trick to dissolve frozen juice concentrates placed in freezers. Add a little water to it and beat it in a mixer till it dissolves completely.

10. Using seasonal fruits to prepare juice and smoothies add extra taste to your drink. It’s healthier too.

11. Serve juice and smoothies soon after you prepare. It tastes better, and won’t loss vitamins too.

12. Smoothies taste better when served chilled. Instead of using ice cubes, you can chill curd, milk, fruits etc before you prepare smoothies. If you add ice cubes, water content may turn excess. 

13. If ice is already in the recipe of smoothies, powder it before putting in mixer. Otherwise it can damage the blade of jar. Put the ice cubes in a plastic cover and smash them before use.

14. Place the serving glasses in refrigerator for a while, before you serve juice and smoothies.

15. You can cut fruits into small pieces for easy grinding. But fill the mixer jar upto half only, both fruits and liquids. 

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