Cancer resistive food – Here is the list

Anti-oxidants have the magic power to resist aging, cancer and many other diseases. They are abundant in fruits and vegetables. Through this list, I shall give you a simple description of healthy food items that can resist cancer. Of course, our healthy food habits can keep diseases at bay. Read here.

1. Food containing anti-oxidants resists cancer. Include colour fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Beet root, capsicum, carrot, orange, papaya etc are best examples of such colourful food items abundant in anti-oxidants.

2. Make green tea a daily habit. Drink a cup of green tea in the early morning.

3. Grapes, tomato, water melon and guava have the power to reduce the chances of cancer. It’s safe to use grapes after washing and removal of skin.

4. Curcumin present in turmeric, carcitin of shallots can block tumours which can lead to colon cancer. Include both on regular basis.

5. Researches have proved that soya bean can resist cancer. You can include both soya bean and soy milk in your diet. Soya bean is abundant in proteins too.

6. Nuts, beans and ground nuts contain Vitamin E which can resist prostate cancer.

7. Food items containing selenium can also resist prostate cancer. Selenium is found in wheat, oats, nuts etc.

8. 10 gm garlic daily can also shield you from prostate cancer.

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