Salt Tips

Salt is the essential ingredient of almost all dishes. Though it’s not at all good for health, we can’t avoid it. Here are a few salt tips for you.

1. If you put a little rice grains in your salt jar, salt won’t form lumps. It can be kept away from moisture attack as well. You can also do the same thing in the salt bottle placed on dining table.

2. To saute onions easily, you can add salt. They will cook easily. But please not, if so, it’s difficult to fry them deep brown. But still you can add a pinch of salt to easily fry onions to brown colour.

3. If your curry turns to be too salty, clean a charcoal piece and put in your curry. It will absorb excess salt.

4. There are a few more methods to reduce salt in your curry – Put a few potato slices, wheat flour balls or rice bind in a piece of cloth (kizhi) to your curry and boil your curry well. Remove the pieces/balls just before you serve.

5. To sharpen the blades of mixer, grind crystal salt in your jars. 

6. To check if eggs are good or bad, salt can help you. If you feel doubt, put them in salt water for half an hour. If the egg is bad it sinks to bottom. If it’s good, it floats on surface.

7. While boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt in the water. Egg shells won’t break easily.

8. While making potato chips, sprinkle a little salt on the surface of the slices before you fry. Your potato fry turns crispy and better.

Salt as a cleaning agent

1. How to remove grease of a bronze lamp used in pooja purposes? Mix a little vinegar with salt and rub your lamp. Now wash in cold water. It shines like newly polished.

2. To remove oil and smell of dishes in which you prepared meat and fish, sprinkle a little salt. Rub it well and wash. Bad adour will also go out.

3. To avoid the attack of ants, sprinkle a little salt in those places.

4. To remove oil from iron container, sprinkle a little salt and rub using newspaper, and then wash it well.

5. To remove raw egg stain of floor, sprinkle a little salt on its top and rub it off after 20 minutes. All stains will be fully removed.

6. In the inner areas of flower vases where leaves and flowers come in contact with water, stains can appear. To clean this, wash it first using salt water, and then with soap and water.

7. To remove the pungent smell of mixer jars after grinding onion or garlic, pour a little salt water and switch on the mixer. 

8. If the nipple of feeding bottle is greasy, rub 1/2 tsp salt inside it. It avoids the use of dish washers to clean baby bottles too.

9. If you feel your newly bought dress can lose its colour, dip it for a while in salt water before first wash.

Salt as remedy for ailments

1. It gives easy remedy to heel pain. Put a handful of salt in 1/2 bucket warm water and dip your legs in it. After 15 minutes, wash it off with cold water and remove moisture using a cloth. It’s a quick remedy to heel pain.

2. Squeeze and take juice from half lemon and add a little salt. Dip your tooth brush in it and clean your teeth. Your teeth will sparkle.

3. Gargle salt water in your mouth everyday. It reduces gum problems a lot. 

4. Dip cloth in salt water and wrap it in swelling portions of your body. It reduces the swelling. You can also mix moringa leaves with crystal salt, make a paste and apply on affected swelling area, to get quick relief. 

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