A few handy kitchen tips for you

If curd has turned extra sour Pour water till curd is immersed and then keep aside for half hour. Repeat the process for 2-3 times and you can reduce the sourness of curd.

To reduce salt content of dry fish – When you soak dry fish in water, add a few paper pieces as well. Excess salt content will be absorbed by paper.

To soften drumstick – If you feel your drumsticks are well-ripened and want to make them soft, cut them to pieces. Then marinate using a little lemon juice.

To easy cook chickpeas (kabuli chana) – Add a pinch of baking powder while chickpeas. They cook easily.

To cook green gram easily – Heat an iron pan (cheena chatti) and mix the green gram well in the pan for a few seconds. Then cook it. Yet another easy way. Add a little coconut oil to green gram while cooking.  

To make tomato stiff If your tomatoes are over-ripen, dip them for a while in cold water, a little salt should also be added. They turn fresh.

To avoid brinjal turn black – Due to stain, brinjal may change its colour once it is sliced. Dip them in salt water for a while before cooking.

To fry corns better – Just one hour before preparation, sprinkle them with a little warm water.

To get strong filter coffee – Put a little sugar along with coffee powder in filter.

To cut raisins easily Apply a little butter to the knife before you cut raisins.

To remove skin of radish and carrot easily – Dip carrots and radish in lukewarm water for a while.

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