Tips to retain natural beauty of skin after waxing and bleaching

Bleaching is an instant beauty treatment to look beautiful for a function. But in some cases, it may give skin problems such as allergies, itching, rashes etc. It’s not because of bleaching, you had issues, but not choosing the right one based on the nature of skin. Certain chemical substances may cause allergy to skin. It can happen with waxing also. So know a little about both these beauty treatments, before you go to a beauty parlour for next time.

Proper caring of skin is most essential

Hormone issues, irregular periods and other menstrual problems, stress etc may lead to pigmentation and pimples. Skin starts losing its natural tone. Skin is the most sensitive portion of human body. Those visible changes from outside imply that such changes are going beneath the skin and entire body as well. So such skin allergies and discomforts should be treated first. Then only beauty treatments get desired results.

Know more about bleaching

Bleach is usually done to get spontaneous results. But after care is equally important, which many people forget. After bleaching, never expose to direct sun, which can cause your skin colour to fade. When you do a facial treatment, through massaging and face packs, blood circulation is increased, which reflects on our skin as well, and give us a glowing face. Facial treatments stay long, which bleach is short-lived. The chemicals present in bleach improve skin tone and thus outer beauty only. So when you get exposed to sun and dust, its charm losses quickly. Also frequent bleaches can make your skin dry. So bleaching process once in two months would be appropriate. When you do facials along with bleaching, bad effects of bleaching are very much neutralized.

Bleaching increases the skin tone more comparing with facials, and it costs less as well. That’s why many people go for this option. But after bleaching, skin moisture gets absorbed causing dryness and fading of skin tone. To block this process, apply moisturizer and sunscreen lotion together twice a day, and drink plenty of water.

You can also consult a cosmetologist before bleaching. Pigmentation or colour patches on skin won’t go with bleaching. It may need expert diagnosis and detailed treatment done by a cosmetologist. Peelings such as glycolic and miso may be suggested by the expert.

Also certain bleaching can be allergic, at least for a few persons. So if you are using a particular bleaching product for the first time, take a little and apply on your arm and wait for a few minutes to test if it is non-allergic for your skin. If your skin is very sensitive, you can avoid chemical bleaches. Such people can choose organic or herbal bleaches. Papaya bleach contains papaya, butter, multani mitti and butter milk, while lavender bleach contains lavender, aloe vera, multani mitti and butter milk. It takes more time to get desired results. That’s why most people avoid these ones.

When you use natural ingredients as beauty products it won’t change the colour of body hair. That means the product is free of substances that can cause harm to skin. Organic or herbal bleaches belong to this category.

Waxing should be done with extra care

Grandmas used to suggest raw turmeric to remove extra care. But it’s not told in Ayurveda. When you have excess hair on face, legs or hands, waxing or laser treatment is the most feasible solution right now.

If you are new to waxing, rashes or temporary bumps may appear on skin, along with itching. It’s body’s response to a new product. Slowly the skin adjusts with it, when you start doing it frequently. When you take long gaps between waxing, such problems may return too. Certain waxes are allergic to certain skin types irrespective of frequency of use. Never scratch the skin or prickle those bumps. Otherwise scars remain forever. Cool the skin using ice cubes, and apply calamine lotion for the next few days.

10 Natural methods to improve skin tone and colour

1. Ayurveda suggests many natural methods to improve skin beauty and colour. Here I suggest a few simple ones.

2. Use any one of Eladi, Chandanadi or Kunkumaadi oil. Apply on your face, and wash it off using gram flour or green gram powder. Do it for at least three months continuously to get good results.

3. Tender coconut water is good for skin. Wash your face occasionally using tender coconut water, and also apply on hands and legs and see the difference.

4. Aloe vera is good for hair and skin. Apply the pulp of aloe vera along with lemon juice on your skin and face, and wash it off after some time. Those aloe vera instant products available in market may not give the same result.

5. Take two big spoons of gooseberry juice. Add a little aloe vera jelly and apply on your skin. It gives coolness to your skin as well as improves colour tone.

6. Take two big spoons of smashed papaya fruit in a bowl. Add a big spoon of orange juice to it.  apply on your face and skin. It makes skin soft and improves its colour.

7. Uzhichil (body massaging with hot oil in Ayurveda, usually done as treatment) can be done once in a month as a beauty treatment. It improves skin health and colour tone.

8. Face washes available in market contain bleaches in small quantities. Hence before purchase check the quantity of bleach and also if it contains steroids. Medicated face washes are good. Choose face washes based on skin type.

9. Eat cod liver oil tablets continuously for three months. It removes body scars and marks, and also improves skin tone.

10. Do regular exercises till your body releases sweat. Along with sweat, dirt is flushed out and blood circulation also increases. It improves the beauty of skin naturally.

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