Simple Indian Snacks & Sweets Tips For You

Sweets and snacks form a part of every Indian celebration. There is a clear distinction between north and south Indian snacks & sweets. Yet there are many popular dishes widely accepted across the country. Here I provide some simple tips to make your traditional snacks and sweets a little more delicious.

While preparing chilli baji – Split the chilli to two and fill inside a little tomato sauce. Then dip in green gram batter and deep fry in hot oil. They taste better.

While preparing jilebis – While preparing jilebis using black gram batter, prepare jilebis as soon as you grind gram. Otherwise they turn a bit sour after preparation.

While preparing Athirasam – Add two dates along with bananas while preparing athirasam. They taste better.

While preparing ice cream – If cream has separated during preparation, once it cools blend well in a mixer.

While preparing mixture – Add a pinch of sugar to gram batter used for the preparation of batter. Your mixture tastes better.

While preparing Gulab Jamun – While preparing dough for Gulab Jamun add a little butter to make your jamuns soft.

While preparing cakes and pudding – While caramelizing sugar for cakes and pudding, add 3 or 4 drops of lemon juice. Sugar never changes its colour to black.

While preparing Uzhunnu Vada (Medu Vada) – Allow the prepared batter to ferment well. Then only your vadas turns crispier. You can add a spoon of curd to make your vadas soft. You can also mix the batter well instead, till its volume increases, and also add a little dosa batter (brought into room temperature).

While preparing bread bajis – Apply a little curd on the surface of bread pieces before frying. They absorb only less amount of oil.

A few more sweet tips

If your gulab jamun turns too hard while preparation, put them in sugar solution and pressure cook it. They turn soft

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Want to know how to enhance and improve the taste of some of the common dishes? Here is the page link. Click on the images in the gallery to read


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