Silky Egg Pudding

Ingredients for Silky Egg Pudding:

1. Egg – 5

2. Milk – 2 cups

3. White rock sugar candy (Kalkandam) – 100 gm

How to prepare Silky Egg Pudding?

1. Gently beat eggs without foaming in excess.

2. Mix White rock sugar candy with water, boil and melt it completely.

3. Allow it to cool completely.

4. Mix sugar solution and beaten egg and strain it.

5. Pour a big spoon of this mixture each into small balls and cover the opening portion with aluminium foil.

6. Steam cook for 10 minutes.

7. Reduce the flame and cook for 30 more minutes. Your egg pudding is ready.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine, April 1-14, 2023

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