Self Care and Sacrifices – Quotes

“World’s biggest sacrifices were made without letting them know at any point of time”

“Sometimes we pay price for them, sacrificing ourselves and they will never come to know about it”

“Stay away from people who exactly know your weak points, and know what to trigger and how to trigger, to test your mental health to new lows. It’s self care”

“It’s nothing more heartbreaking than to realize that moment, nobody really cares about your happiness, when you keep sacrificing and hurting yourself to keep everyone around you happy. More strange is if that equilibrium is altered, only you will be blamed & you need to fight ALONE”

“I want to make my heaven in clouds,
Far away, hidden from everyone.
Not many will be happy
Seeing me rebuild myself,
Slowly healing
Or build another version of me,
Where I can feel better of myself
And also, take care of everyone around me”

“Sometimes you need to isolate yourself from others to prove yourself, not to the outer world which humiliated you in terms of social status, fame and money, but to yourself, so that you can stand with them with your head high. That’s called self respect”

“Some chats and some phone calls can literally change your whole mood. Just ignore such people who refill you with negativity every time and bring you down, and for them, it might be a simple conversation to satisfy their ego”

“Once upon a time
There was a broken moon fixing herself.
None of the twinkling stars around
Helped her, except gossiping.
Has she risen as a full moon,
Or set forever as new moon,
Do you have any idea?
After all,
Nobody really cared her😑”
“Rebuild yourself in silence
Nobody really cares about you”
“I have never stopped dreaming about expectations in relationships, though I put some speed breakers in between”
“I miss me at many places
I find me at many places too,
So unexpected”
“When you forget some unbroken habits
Many times, you can take them as positive signs too,
Especially when you are
Forced to bind to someone or a bad habit for a long time”

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