Positive Powershots

“Stars always exist in sky 💫✨
It’s only limitations of our own eyes
We can’t see them,
Behind clouds, beneath sun.
Sometimes others fail to understand you…
It doesn’t mean you are not worthy or you are wrong🤗💕
Believe in yourself”

“Realistic dreams are powerful enough to bring you to the shore of destinations.They act as strong as catalysts sometimes, though many times your dream is your worst weakness too”

“Everything works in your favour if you stay positive”

“When you immensely desire for something
You will only see possibilities among impossible things
Your heart will only search new paths,
Accept all challenges
And erase all distances to reach your destination.
Everything directly depends on mental strength & determination🦋🌈♾”
“If your dreams are realistic, anything is possible.
To fill the big gap between thoughts of present & dreams of future and to reach the shore of destination, you need a strong determination & mind of a navigator. What else?”
“When you succeed you can dream something else and set for another journey”

“We can paint our memories in layers, with an artistic touch. Try to make it colourful before you paint the second layer and so on to get a wonderful recap later”

“Some words are powerful enough to boost you without making you aware of it”

“Never make same mistake for third time” OR “Never repeat same mistake twice”

“We may be right in every sense while doing something. But the positive energy we achieve from someone’s support gives the real happiness of its outcome”

Try to appreciate hard work of other people & earn respect in return”

“No one can understand you better than you”

“Colours of life are sometimes vivid,
Sometimes dim,
Sometimes in a single shade,
Sometimes in multiple shades
Whatever it is,
It’s not worth living if it’s colourless
If life is not adding colours to your rainbow,
Add from your own🌈
Life goes on🤗🤗”
“It’s impossible to convince everyone
It’s not easy to fight with everyone around,
At least you can fight with yourself,
Where there is space for improvement.”

“When you make a statement, you should be honest to yourself first.”

“Sun rises from deep forests too!!”

“You can revive you at any point of time. None of the factors really matter – age, losses, sufferings, loneliness …. nothing! No more excuses please”

“Don’t die until death take you away.
Just live your life”

“How long can dark clouds hide moon? Cloud can just boast its success for a few moments🤗😆”

“Battles should always be fought with people of equal strength. When people leave wisdom, and merely fight to win, lowering their standards, they no longer remain your contenders. Just leave them.”

“Storms are often good.
Make them fuel for your life journey.
You can’t say….
You may reach a shore earlier than someone-
Sailing in a storm-less sea”

“If you are fearless, courage automatically comes in. No need to cultivate it”

“Often miracles appear as kindness too”

“Stay away from people who exactly know your weak points, and know what to trigger and how to trigger, to test your mental health to new lows.”

“It’s OK if difference in input values and hence output may slightly differ from our expectations. 🤗🤗

After all nothing is perfect.
We should be flexible enough to accept slight variations and hence varied results.”
“Things done in our passion should be a flower to others as well, spreading fragrance….
Then only we get happiness from it
Thorns are like spreading hate.
A good thing done in passion can change thorns to flowers & revive bad people”
“Your first battle fighting alone is always memorable”
“Everything works in your favour if you stay positive”
“It’s a special type of inner joy and peace, when we can proudly say to ourselves, we never used anyone for personal benefits… even if we gained nothing in life🙂”
“Random opinions of people who have nothing to do with your personal life, less matters. You prove nothing by accepting their opinions just to please them, which you feel are not true. Always trust your heart and inner voice. Stay strong against negative forces”
“Some people leave behind their dreams for earning
While some others earn for pursing their dreams in future…
Because there are quite a very few people
Who never allow their dreams to die so easily”
“Never get lost again
Once you found yourself”
“Refresh your journeys once in a while
It will refresh you too”
“Some destinations are just waiting for us to begin our journey”
“Listen to songs you’ve never heard before
Move on to paths never taken before
Allow your eyes to see dreams that can never come true
What if they are waiting to give something back,
So unexpected!!”
“How long can someone take advantage of you?
As long as you allow to do it”
“I was not born afraid
Then why should I fear now?”
“Getting support from less expected people at less expected time, doubles your happiness 🥰🥰”
“Some failures and losses are blessings in disguise
Only we need to discover them”
“Just leave behind things which you can’t repair and concentrate on things, which you can possibly heal”
“The real freedom is the freedom to do what you want to do with your life to make yourself happy. It includes breaking the cage created by yourself for you too, apart from those created by others”
“We earn many things in life if we work hard with our good intentions. But never expect everyone to acknowledge it or give credits. If you earn something as a reward of your efforts, jealous people will only remark as your privilege. Don’t feel down. Just continue with your efforts”
“I stopped pleasing people long back🤗🦋”
“Answers to some humiliations
We need to silently wait
Till time takes us
To the place we want.
Till then,
Wait patiently”
“There is a space of improvement always,
Not to please others, but ourselves”
“When storm arises in life, it’s not necessary that you always sail against it. Sometimes you need to sail in same direction for a while until you find some island or ship. Patience is the key. We need not over-react every time”
“Real failure only happens the moment
When you accept it🤗🤗
Keep trying”
“You get many opportunities in life where your strong faith helps you to reach your destination and goals. You just need a strong mind to believe in yourself and act sincerely”
“When you criticize me for not holding crowd-pleasing behaviour, give me one instance where you have gone against your wishes and did something solely to please me. If you can’t find it, you never hold the right to judge me on what I do which brings my happiness and peace”
“More you give, more people will take
It’s up to you where to set limits”
“Let changes happen
Let sunshine come in
Let new dawn blossom
Let time change you positively”
“Take a deep breath
Many times it serves as the last solution to many of our problems”
“It is the nature of some people to slander others by saying bad things, even if they are fully aware of the mistake and are sure, they are lying. Such pleasures & satisfactions are only temporary. When you do that, you lower your value in the eyes of others. Think and say good things only”
“As time passes by, physical appearance will definitely change. We can’t defy it. But we can defy our mind and not let it to take over the transformation of time. It’s up to you. 😉”
“When you are moving too fast
Stop for a few moments,
Take a deep breath
Listen to slow music
Look around for a while
And then move forward.
Breaks are often much needed
To rediscover yourself and recharge.”
“Never follow shadows
To disappear as another shadow, unknown”
“When your life is totally damaged beyond repair,
Try to do small things
Begin with small things
And wait for end result”
“There are many opportunities where the belief of the mind or trusting yourself helps you to reach its goal. The mind just needs to wake up and act on it.”
“The nice feel when you only see your answers around
In whatever you look at💫🤗🤗”
“When whole world around you is in a celebration mood
And you, sad, lonely, yet act silent & calm
The world around you knows it
Yet, No one really cares about your happiness.
So, never give up your happiness easily for others
Never give up for anyone, at any cost
Because you also deserve it”
“Happiness of mind and soul matter much more than colors and celebrations. It’s more important what you feel inside than what showing outside”
“When there is not even a single drop of hope or happiness left, is it not better to stay happy and smile always??”
“When nobody is really worried about your happiness, try to find it your own. Don’t wait for anyone”
“If you can give a reason for someone to live,
It’s a great thing, you know💕💫🌈”
“We might have thousand reasons to give up
But one genuine reason can keep our fight alive”
“Most of us try to learn from failures only….
But I think, we should learn from our successes too
There is always space for improvement
And our success stories can inspire us too”
“It’s better not to share both your positive and negative things with negative people. They have enough energy to pull you down deeper, which you may not resist.”
“To attempt something is more important than winning.
Yes, many times results may surprise you.
Yet if you can’t win, make sure you don’t loss….
Just like a test cricket match🤗 #DrawGame”
“When you open windows of past, many faces appear before you. Some maybe close to you, some you hate. Interestingly you may remember some opponents with liking while many favourite faces might have faded. It’s because credits of some of your wins of present belong to them too, who made you strong either winning over you or losing”
“Everyone is born with a mission.
We can’t predict the moment we realize it.
Once we realize it, never step back.
It’s not done for money or anything else in return.
But for self satisfaction only, which is priceless.
Everyone should do at least one task in life without expectations”
“To attempt something or begin something is more important than winning. Even if you fail in the process, make sure your heart won the game♥️”
“Never get lost again
Once you found yourself”
“Refresh your journeys once in a while
It will refresh you too”
“Some destinations are just waiting for us to begin our journey”
“Listen to songs you’ve never heard before
Move on to paths never taken before
Allow your eyes to see dreams that can never come true
What if they are waiting to give something back,
So unexpected!!”
“Be rare and unique
Like a rare flower
Like a unique tune
And make your own foot prints👣👣”
My success rate is high as I speak the truth”
“When we try not to hurt others
Slowly it turns a habit
Even if we are sure, the other person never cares
We keep hurting ourselves for the sake of not hurting that person.
Yes, though not easy
Some habits are to be changed”
“Who am I to curse someone in the name of Karma!!
Everyone has their own journey & destiny. Simply cursing someone taking the name of Karma is not going to change the course of journey of them. But using curse words can definitely bring negative energy to you. Spread positivity instead.”
“Only dark clouds can bring the pouring rain
Only separation can bring the joy of union”
“Sometimes you need to fight with whole world for your world
It’s up to you to decide which world you want🤗🤗”
“Sometimes we have to let go ourselves too…”
— Free Your Mind
“Make peace with yourself
To live….
To survive….”
“Change your priorities
It can totally change you”
“Never give yourself fully to anyone, who can’t assure you even the half”
“You can also bloom….
“In this material world we can blossom in someone’s life for a short period like a short-lived jasmine and fill fragrance, but not forever. So make that short period memorable because its fragrance can last forever.💕💕”
“If you are sincere in your words and thoughts rather than bluffing, you can make your statements true! Any statement you make……Try it!!”
“Many times you are simply lifeless
With no energy left,
While fighting with fate,
Dealing with humans
Sometimes with your own
Inner insecurities.
Retreat may become inevitable
But never give up
Like the rising sun
Come up after a break,
And shine brighter
To rise above those
Who pushed you into dark”
“No one can replace you💕💕
So learn to love yourself 🤗🦋”
“For me, attempt is more important than winning….
Because I hate regrets in future, when I travel through memories of past.”

“If you search happiness, you find happiness and if you are looking for sorrows, don’t worry you can find it a little more easier”

“Multiple each negative with the next negative you get. It becomes double positive. Boost yourself and set to go. Never multiple with third negative. Before if appears, you should already sort with the first two ones. Never wait for the third one to come in….”

“Struggles form an integral part of a human’s life and all our achievements are related to our struggles, if made a positive approach from our side, I feel so. I have also faced so many setbacks in my life and still struggling to get everything back to where it was. I am not sure if I will emerge as winner or not. But I believe in struggling and keep trying so that I should not regret myself in future for keeping myself idle when life offered me an opportunity to try.”

“Struggles form an integral part of human’s life & sometimes we fly high & sometimes low. I have also faced so many setbacks in my life & still struggling to get everything back to where it was. I am not sure if I will emerge as winner or not. But most important is I keep moving🤗”

“Give the best smile on earth….
Whenever others humiliated and laugh at you…..
Because best smile is the best revenge one can give to someone”
“Smile with open heart before whoever broke you
Never show true emotions, even if you are broken
It’s the sweetest revenge”
“I simply enjoy the restlessness seen in the eyes of people seeing me happy,
Whoever tried their level best to pull me down, blame me for wrong reasons, enjoy my tears and can never tolerate my happiness”
“Positive people search for possibilities
And negative people will find excuses even from hidden corners”
“Tasks remain impossible until we attempt to do. Once we start preparing for it, if we put our mind into it, first phase is already done. If failed in first attempt, continue till we get it right”
“We need to put efforts from our side and work sincerely.
Sometimes our work gets appreciated and sometimes not….
If people feel disappointed with our work
Never stick on to it, to count the failures
Instead move on and work better to improve yourself😊”
“If you are confident with your words, you need not fear. Nothing can bring you down. Otherwise whole world will confuse you”
“Never hesitate to block people from your life,
Who ask you to adjust with all sufferings,
Stop dreaming and flying.
It will bring you only peace.
Many times, discouraging people are mostly the ones
Who want to fly, yet never gained courage to make an attempt.”
“If our story is able to motivate & inspire at least one person, it’s worth living & is worth telling🤗❤️💫”
“Good dreams always lead us to destination and we should never delay when dreams wake us from deep sleeps”
“Why should they decide our thoughts?”
“Why to live a single dimensional life without any fire & smoke?
It doesn’t have any excitement when you look back after many years.
If god doesn’t choose it for you,
Make a few choices of yours and try out”
“When someone takes some effort to do something, never discourage him or say negative. Maybe you are right. Yet never break his heart and confidence with your harsh words. Just think, you could be wrong too, and allow him to attempt it once”
“No one is really bothered about your happiness
Try to find it yourself💕😇
As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone
The path you choose is right✨🤗🦋🌈”
“Light can be knowledge, spirituality or anything that connects to god.
It can be a ray of hope with positive energy.
More we achieve, more we free ourselves from pain, sorrows and negative energy surrounding us.
Spread it more & make others smile also”
“Even sky is not the limit
So we can’t predict future
Sometimes tantalizing desires can also turn into reality,
Why to decide now”
When someone with broken dreams and wings start dreaming about something, it can touch blue skies. Infinity could be the extreme point🤗🦋🌈♾”
“Self-isolation is good if you happily choose it, but not under pressure. It’s good to be isolated for short intervals also, which can help you to rediscover yourself, as you can escape from others’ opinions before making a choice of your own”
“The more you give, the more people will take
It is up to you to decide how much to give”
“To desire, sky is the upper limit
Why to cut it short, right?”
“Depend on yourself more than others. It will help you in long run”
“Everything in this world is in dynamic mode
Moon, earth, stars🌠
Have you witnessed a static cloud?
Can earth stop rotating for a minute?
Nothing is static, even our heartbeat and sorrows
Yes, everything move on and on and on 💫 “
If something disturbs us, it’s better to express, rather than slowly killing ourselves keeping it in mind”
“Good memories are always pleasant and give temporary relief too. But when sorrows are deep, they need to be addressed. Only memories are not enough. Solution is definitely there, we need to find a way & reach there”
“If I am alive, he is also alive….
What more assurance can I give you?” / “If I am alive, he is also alive….That much sure”
“Although the eyes can’t see
The stars are still there, even during the day.
For the limitations of eye
Should stars be blamed? 😆✨”
“Dissolve your passion in your soul so that you and your passion turn inseparable”
We just need to focus on our work & give our best. Along with negativity, we get a lot of positively also. Keep multiplying negatives & add to positives”
“It’s indeed thrilling to live human lives,
Carrying many mysteries in mind
Just like an adventurous journey 💃💃”
When we discover ourselves, it’s nothing to do with others. It’s our personal pleasure only, and there is no point in sharing with others. I never bother about what others decode about me, because I know I will always fell short of their expectation.”
I never say ‘I can’t’ to something which I never attempted”
“Making others happy is a wonderful feeling, u know. But not always at the cost of our own happiness. Sometimes we need to think about ourselves too.Most important is, what we are doing is right or not. Very often our happiness may be selfishness. Sacrificing our selfishness is the best option”
We can’t make everyone happy, dear…. We just want to do right things for which our mind feels happy and satisfied. Everything else just follows”
“Yes, we need to appreciate ourselves for our positives and achievements, motivate, love and care ourselves too.💕💕
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t do anything which can make yourself happy and feel self respect🤗🤗
We can feel happiness if we sincerely try to make someone else happy”
I don’t have energy to deal with negative people. Better I save it for someone who needs it”
How can I destroy someone else and his dreams by breaking him down with negative words?”
You can listen from all sides. But filter only what you actually need”
Every person has the right to find his own happiness unless it harms anyone”🤗🤗
“Sometimes you need to put yourself & make attempts to flush away your negative thoughts, rather than waiting for others. Some positive words can definitely help, and help you to grow stronger💫💫”
“Sometimes we need to block them.
Our mental health is more important than trying to prove a point.”
“I just want to make everyone around me happy, even if I am broken or not. Positive feel🤗🤗💕💕”
It’s easy to build something new if everything is shattered. Build yourself from beginning the way you want”
When you realize you are all alone,
Never expect anyone to join you.
Learn to walk alone….
It’s also a kind of positivity
To prove yourself strong”
“Half of your problems and worries will be solved the moment you start believing, bruises and scars you carry all the way are much more than the storms to come. If you have survived all these, the same energy will carry you forward too. Believe in yourself”

“Now I am slowly learning to walk alone

Without you💫💫🤗”
I can’t argue with fools to waste my energy…
Let them believe what they feel”
“Today’s moments are beautiful than tomorrows”
“Many turning points happen in everyone’s life,
Where one feel, it’s end, nothing beyond that.
If you are able to think,
It’s the end to begin something new,
And overcome that point,
You win over everything🤗🤗”
Be reason for someone to smile🌸🌸”
Take your own decisions. Believe in yourself more than others, because no one can understand you better than you”
Never compare your present happy moments with moments from past. If you live this moment right now & enjoying it, it’s perfectly fine and OK”
“When you have accepted the reality,
Try to take care of yourself from falling again🍁😊
Yes, It takes time to stabilize,
Yet it works, definitely
As long as you never turn back.
It may be a bitter truth
It may not be what you have been waiting for
But, once you got answers, move on”
“Remove toxic moments rather than toxic people from your life”
“Even the dry deserts reserve water in their deep chambers
To blossom flowers in cactus.
Similar are some people and some hopes
Many things on this earth never set forever🤗🤗”
“Some people try to dismantle you by using cheap tricks like isolating you.
You start winning from the point when you make it clear, even mountains can’t shatter you”
“The moment you put the thought in mind,
You start winning💕💕🤗”
“You can never lead a happy life by pleasing others and the society you live
As long as you are sure, what you are doing is right,
You need to take care of yourself only”
“Overthinking can definitely kill the good moments we are enjoying right now. Believe in the present moment and what the moment is offering you”
“Sometimes we need to believe in uncertainties to stay positive”
“I prefer to stand alone with truth
Rather than with thousand lairs and a bunch of lies🙌”
“When we stand with truth
It gives us more courage to face bad situations of life.
We get more courage to live”
“I should stay away from those who spread hate. Otherwise it will ruin me I feel. They can influence us in a negative way, even if we try ourselves not to. I can’t please them, or they will be pleased with my peaceful ways too.”
“No regrets about past
Because I have given myself fully to get whatever I need.
If nothing was meant for me
It’s not my problem
Will always say to myself, “I tried my best”💕💕🤗🤗”
“I always feel, we should give importance to toxic talks and vibes rather than toxic people, and avoid such talks and vibes from anyone because we can never perfectly categorize toxic people. We can’t predict the moment when someone turn toxic, & they can change positively too”
“Save your energies from negativity and give them as smiles to those who really expect from you. You can’t say who is expecting it from you”
“Everything lies in happiness and satisfaction
Some people do it for themselves to find both
And some others do it for others🤗🤗”
“It takes a little time to change habits…
Habit to remain happy,
Habit to be sad,
Like any other habit.
Positive part is
All habits can be changed”
“To remain sad is also a habit, which can be changed”
“Not everything is started with success guaranteed,
Begin the task and you will somehow find a way to finish it”
“To bring colours to life among the chaos is really beautiful
It includes your life and life of others too🌈🦋💖”
“Many people can do the same thing
But someone who is doing it first is special”
“However positive you think, you can find at least one strong negative voice to pull you down. Your mental strength depends on how you react and overcome such negative forces”
“Big dreams can blossom in withered eyes too🌹🌹
Never stop dreaming🦋🦋”
“It’s ok, if you are clear about your ideas & conclusions, you can hurt someone by telling reality. But it’s a big no, when you try to drag someone down, only based on your assumptions, without any solid proofs. It’s one of the worst mistakes you can do to someone”
“365 days sometimes pass like 365 moments
365 days sometimes pass like 365 eras too
Only what matters is,
If you are happy with those passing moments💫 🔥🌪️”
“Nothing is going to end today or tomorrow.
Just believe that”
“I don’t want to repeat same mistake again and again. Need to stay away from those who can’t feel my worth or give me respect”
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