Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes (Part 1)

These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera
It’s not easy to justify our dreams and destinations with someone who is fighting against us with their negative words 💔 #Abhi #Meera 💕💕💜💜
Her mind is still shaded by some unknown dark clouds, stuck somewhere without raining #Meera 💕💕💜💜
Love holds different perspectives in different people.
Love can never happen. If it happens, it should be kept for a lifetime, without breaking duties, but giving promises without promising ~ Meera
Expressing love is the extreme point of love ~ Abhilasha
Need a girlfriend to show to others ~ Hari
People with conflicting concepts about love, when interact in a single space and time, love turns more complex and complicate. Like many things, love is also simple, as long as you don’t allow anyone else to enter your love space or give freedom to take your decisions.
To start with a sunset”
Mind is thrown into the dark shades of deep blue seas”
“Thoughts form a part of life, either necessary or unnecessary, even if one tries to avoid or feels special about them”
“It’s not at all easy for mind to bury everything, particularly if it’s deeply linked to mind’s strongest feeling, that can lucky be experienced only once in life time. When words are desperate, eyes speak volumes of truth and eyes never lie 💕🤗💕.”
“It’s not at all easy for a woman to forget her first love, though deliberately she tries for it. “
It’s very hard to survive without love”
“Heart can bloom once again with new set parameters, if it is willing to forget old dreams and find happiness in the world with new people”
“When love happens in someone’s life who never believes in love, it can bring great storms to that person’s life, may even ruin them”
“Love can do great wonders in one’s life and teach new lessons too”💗💖
“A cool breeze though unintentional can draw your attention to a new world of feelings never experienced before”💫💫
“A cool breeze can unintentionally can draw your attention to a new world of feelings never experienced before”
“The magic storm swept her mind within a few moments without any deny….”
“Tears are often controlled not to hurt dear ones’ feelings. But it gives heartbreaking pain deep inside in return……”
“Till now, no communication was needed between we two to understand the other person’s mind. But now that invisible thread has broken somewhere”
“I have stopped dreaming about expectations in relationships…….”💔💔
“Those waves will never return back to my shore, I hope so”
“Waves which were swept away from mind’s shore once can come back in double speed and destroy you completely……..”💔💔
“World and society appreciate those persons only who expresses oneself, may be sincere or not. “
“It’s only about expressions, the hollow truth behind many of the relationships we see around…..”
“The whole world is behind expressions, not sincerity. Society accepts only those, who never fail to express”
“Just to prove yourself not to be odd, you too may join the folk whether interested or not.”
“Feel the magic world in someone’s presence…..”💕💜
“She was very much surprised when she felt tears in her eyes”
“Already smitten by a unique fragrance of love “
“Lost faith in all relationships. Not able to love anyone, feel distance from everyone.”
“Is it right to force someone to reveal their secrets?”
“Two lessons to remain happy- In true sense everyone in this world is alone. We can’t take/make too much expectations from any”
“I expected she will understand me. And it gave me pain”
“Her soul once again started drifting with the magic of love and she enjoyed it this time.”💕💜
“Why should I let it go? If it’s meant for me and I deny it with my foolishness, then I am the biggest fool on earth”
“Why can’t love be given a try/chance? Isn’t it better to try and give up rather than letting it go without ever trying?”
Language between two hearts can never be understood/decoded by a third person”
“Love conquers human minds in quick pace giving colourful dreams and assured promises”
“She began to search him from her old memories”
“Love happens when they get connected to each other through souls, not with physical appearance that’s to perish someday. Age is an integral part of physical appearance and love is ageless. So, if one gives importance to age, then the love is not sincere. True love happens between souls”.✨💫
“From the heaven of love and dreams to the hell of lost dreams and darkness, the time needed to travel might be just a fraction of a second….”
“Her dreams shattered like a big ship that wrecked in the storms and deep seas, without any visuals of a shore nearby…..”
“How many ship wrecks to witness hereafter!!”
“Couldn’t find happiness in his presence……”
“Love is blind, heart is dumb and mind is blank, when heart goes madly in love with someone……”
“It’s not easy to justify our dreams and destinations with someone who is fighting against us with their negative words”
“Her mind is still shaded by some unknown dark clouds, stuck somewhere without raining”
“Darkened clouds are raining now, deeply expressing their sorrows with thunder and lightning aside raining/running tears……”
“Her world and imaginations restored once again with new set of elements and flavours she was not familiar with”
“Her mind was completely silent in his presence, though it lasted for many hours today than usual”
“Hidden dreams are just like peacock feathers which add many more colours to life. Once revealed its beauty is gone. Keep them safe under closed eye lids.”💫💫
“She couldn’t figure out why she can’t find the reason, her mind scares so much.”
“She was not sure, how her heart will respond after his reply. …..”
“Darkness swept the whole world around her, and those smiling flowers and blossoms have gone……”
“She got completely broken down…..”😓💔
“When smile becomes partner forever, tears turn a mirage for many years!!!!”
“Why mind fails in your presence always?”
“Can’t a girl love someone if the other person is not feeling so? “
“Forgot crying in the thoughts to hide mind/mind’s secrets from everyone……”
“Got buried in infinite wandering thoughts…..”
“Her mind wanted to run away from there….”😓💔
“Pouring her mind on a sheet of paper……..”
“A man who has lost his dreams is nothing short of a disaster”
“A person can loss everything not only when he losses what he dreams to possess, but also what he dreams actually”
“Path is same, Visuals are same, Only I look different”
“She wore the same smiling cap to hide her face from everyone”
“A fake coin fate gave her – Smile”😓
Is it true, freshness & excitement expressed in the beginning of relations fade away slowly?”
“Closeness of heart is not measured with time, but treasured with moments……”
“The invisible string of that unique language between the two souls got broken abruptly”
“It was something like someone has lit her lamp of desires and dreams once again.”🪔🪔
“Why should I always sacrifice my dreams for the sake of others?”
“Her mind wanders here and there and behaves as if it has entered some devil’s rest house, seeing him in an unhappy mood”
“Was it her agony that reflected in his eyes?”
“Mind oscillates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with equal pace, like a pendulum, without reaching any destination point or stopping somewhere else”🤐
“She had no means to tell him, what’s going on in her mind and that she can’t even imagine a world with dreams of someone else…”
“Already left everything to destiny and given time a chance to change and recover”
“Never lose yourself in someone who doesn’t love you at all”
“She never tried to express her sincerity in relationships. That may be the reason why others failed to understand her. “
“Thousand thoughts sprinkle in her mind like droplets of rain”
“That’s what happens if someone lies so much. Even if he tells truth no one believes him”
“Who knows what each person carries in his mind!!!”
“Already living in some strange world where physical presence of a person has nothing to do with her life….”
“We both are so close to each other that I never bother our physical parting….”♥️♥️♥️
“The day we express each other, our friendship bond will be broken. It’s better to keep promises without promises and wait for that special moment”
“It’s always better to find time ourselves rather than blaming the time for not giving its moments to us…”
“If our mind really desires, time will definitely come that way”
“Never expect anything from others in return. But we should be able to give more than what others expect from us.”🦋🦋🌈🌈
“It is better love happens once in life time though it breaks later. At least it teaches you how to love the person whom you marry”
“Only a person who has lost a love once can find it from someone/somewhere else and treasure it most”
“Go and purchase your life and dreams at any cost”
“Heart breaking moment when heart has to forcefully believe, whom it treasured close to heart was not really so or not meant to be yours”
“Heart break is the biggest pain of earth…..”
“Some people think, not crying makes you brave and strong. But it’s not true. Sometimes crying also requires courage💜”
“A heart can forget everything on earth, even himself when it falls in love with a single person among 700 crores of people who exist on earth” 

“Time is very important. If it’s gone out of our hands, then we need to wait for time’s convenience and not ours.”

“He went all of a sudden, leaving behind him many words untold and many mysteries unfold! Many scripts remained untold!

Infatuations are just mere attractions that fade away in absence and even the modern technology measures of communication can’t keep them fresh too long”

“If the relation is not at all just an infatuation, it will take off smoothly. Presence of a person is not at all significant if love is real”🦋🦋

“Modern technology never allows old relations to sleep forever”

“You were in deep stress and I too, and we both couldn’t share our feelings or worries for a while….”

“I talked as much as I can without any break, so that my heart won’t leave out my truth if I give it a little space. I was ‘terribly’ successful too!”

“This virtual world has given a virtual feeling to people that relations are not going to end soon.”🦋🦋

“Untold promises are enough to console the loss of lost campuses, love and insecure feelings in true means if carried forward through virtual world”

“Seasons may change, expressions of love may change. Yet a few still exist in this world whose minds still believe in the old traditions of love”

“She just smiled and hid everything”

“A fake smile can turn true tears into mirage for years”🤕😔

“She got buried in infinite wandering thoughts while her words got muted”

“When you are busy in hiding secrets from everyone, you forget to cry”

I wish I could reverse that moment!!!” #Meera 💕💕💜💜

“Till now he doesn’t know what really happened between us, and how we fell apart”

When I hurt you once I hurt myself twice”😔

“You never knew I write for you

You never read what I wrote about you💖💖”
I toiled my mind for a long time
Never smiled
Never dreamed
Stayed awake
Gave up peace
Lost everything
To express my faithfulness
At least to myself
But you simply walked away saying nothing”💔💔

Quotes translated and added later

“Mind reaches such a stage where everything else is just ‘NOTHING’!!! ~ Love♥️

To which extend can a person love someone? A state of mind when he or she feels that there is nothing else to gain or lose in life, except that ‘special’ person. Mind reaches such a stage where everything else is just ‘NOTHING’!!!💜💜

What’s the most painful moment? A particular moment when someone reaches a stage of mind where everything else is just ‘NOTHING’ except ‘U’💓, only to understand, that special person was not meant for him/her and no language can link those two hearts….

“My dreams don’t lie in your eyes…… My words won’t reach your ears…… My arms even stretched won’t reach you……. Because I am dumb and you are blind!” No doubt, it’s the most painful moment of love💔💔

I told back then, I will never be able to see him in pain and will express the moment when he does so. Yet when it really happened, time changed, situation changed and I became totally helpless

You played with my feelings and lied to me several times”

Her mind is thrown into the dark shades of deep blue seas beneath the setting sun. Like the different shades of blue waves, from light red to dark blue and grey, her mind has already started oscillating like a pendulum between different moods of mind”

“She forgot tears in her eyes”

“She forgot once again to hide her love in smile”

“She forgot tears in her eyes

She forgot to hide her love in smile”
Happiness is like a fading dream
We can’t predict the moment it disappears”
“Happiness is a stranger”
When magic of love shows its true colours
Questions will be less and answers will be more”
Colours of love may fade with time, but not its perfume”💜💖
You never read what I wrote about you
You never knew what I know about you”
When you left me alone at first for your dear ones I assumed it as as your other responsibilities and your trust on me. But when you repeated it for someone else I sensed the depth of distance between you and me”
Do you expect me to read your mind
Without you saying a single word?”
Your silence breaks me down totally💔💔”
We may never know the real truth. Yet we find our own reasons to calm our mind”
Her calm mind slowly started filling with infinite questions. It was nothing short of a storm creeping across the seas from horizon”
There are deep signs of rain. Clouds are already getting dark. 
Yes, rain has always been an eye witness or a spectator, whenever something pleasant or unpleasant is just to happen in her life”
What could better symbolize a full moon than a romantic mind or happy thoughts?”
Purposefully leaving thoughts behind
To escape from something🔥😓”
Meera’s mind got clouded with the ‘parting’ thoughts”
From the deep ocean I fell I just managed to get a boat & reached top. I just managed to sit on waves too. I was in search of my wings to fly again. I found one floating on the top of water too. But before I could attach it to myself, a big wave came & pulled me down and I never reached the top”

Anything can happen in a 1/1000 fraction of seconds”

Night spreads its light and slowly moves far away from her”
I need your presence to share everything I carry in my mind, Krishna Like an unfinished picture, it’s suffocating me deep inside I just can’t…….” #Krishna

“You have forgotten me Krishna💔

You forgot your promises too” #Krishna

Her happiness lost all its colours when her eyes got tired of waiting, and she started moving. But when he appeared in front of her, she couldn’t hide her happiness, forgetting the presence of others”

“As she moved, Meera could feel two eyes glancing at her. But she couldn’t gain enough courage to turn back!”

Her heart was already damaged and she started repairing it.”
A new surprise beginning of the old phase”
When she swallowed the tears to herself, she could feel her heart breaking inside. Is it a heart attack? She felt that the whole world around her is sinking in dark. Her eyes were slowly closing.”
The most strong people have the weakest point too, which may look strange to others”
When someone losses belief in love and relations, he misses everything in life!”
I keep relationship with you only because I get happiness in presence of you. I stopped dreaming about expectations in relationships. I am not expecting it from any relations any more” #Abhi
Her mind has completely come out of the danger zone and she was sure enough, those waves will never return back to her shore. She tried to believe, such storms are big tests of life, and she succeeded.”

She could feel a strange feeling of comfort or security in his presence, she has not experienced for a long time, though her mind had no such intentions. Slowly she could feel sand drifting under her foot and she lost the grip of her mind”

His presence brought those lost memories and feelings back to life once again, so much unexpected. Though she felt a magic world in his presence, she tried to avoid it and hurt him”
I bet you will definitely loss❣️❣️”
When something returns back to you so unexpected
You start feeling, it belongs to you.
You start believing in destiny too”
Freedom to hurt” #Hari
Some words are just ordinary,
But when told by that special person
It has the effect of mantra or magic.
That’s the power of love”
Her wounds of broken friendship started healing”
She was associated with each and every chapter of that closed episode. Yet she is not aware of it.” #Abhi
She received the same smile ❤️”
She was not at all sure if she felt happy or not.”
At that time, my love was so intense that I may not tolerate even a single word spoken against you. So, I took all burden all alone…..
Only because of that love😌😌
Now I feel
No one should behave too good like this”🔥
“‘Is my mind so weak? What went wrong? I thought I can withstand everything’, she asked herself. But her mind didn’t respond to her question.”
She cursed that moment which she took that hasty decision”
Why everything around me is silent?”
The truth is that she was not able to recollect that her mind has already broken into thousand parts like a glass piece.”
For the first time ever, her mind was completely occupied by silence in his presence today. Quite strange”
Yes, certain secrets hidden in one’s mind has a simple beauty. The moment it’s revealed to someone, its beauty is gone!!!!”
When she turned around she felt as if darkness has swept the whole world around her and those smiling flowers and blossoms have gone……”
She hid everything in that fake smile”
“She loves others more than anyone else can. But the problem is that she expects the same thing in return and she won’t get it”. How can words turn so true!!”
Closeness of heart is not measured with time and its length, but with moments💫💞”
She really wanted to see smiling Hari once again.”
She has already started building a new world without him and it’s justifiable”
She was not willing to loss this moment. She desired to win at least once”
Because he taught me to love without expectations” #Hari
He is not meant for you. Otherwise everything would have gone smooth” #Abhi
The feeling of uncertainty with unfilled decisions”
I can hide my sorrows from you as always, but not from me”

“To see a heaven in small joys and to take big sorrows as small ones, she knew it well once. Her colourful dreams like a rainbow, used to dissolve like rain drops. But she never worried over it” #Innocent #Meera💕💕💜💜

She once assumed life is like a beautiful dream🌈🌈”
Does love own different shades? Can it change colours? She was unaware of it” #Innocent #Meera
To search and find happiness from sorrows and lost dreams is another level of satisfaction♾🦋”
Either happiness or pain,
Have always received as huge loads which heart can never tolerate”
Everything in this universe is temporary, like a bubble. We can never predict its durability”
A bond beyond languages and words, like a silent tune” #Friendship #Gauri
When someone with who we truly bonded explode at us, we often misjudge it as excess love & freedom, while the other person may take it as granted. As long as there is true love, it works. The moment this fake love is exposed, tolerance & patience never work”

” “Who holds your mind key now” ~ Abhi 🤔

“I am sure it’s not with me now. But not with anyone else too” ~ Hari😉
“He might have dropped in floor” ~ Meera😐
“If not in his hands, it’s with someone else” ~ Swati☺️
“Search in floor, you might get” ~ Manu😃
“I got it, it’s still with Hari. He is lying” ~ Swati😮
“No, it can’t be true” ~ Jijesh🤨
“No, I shall tell u. He’s saying, now he holds key of someone else” ~ Asha🤗
“No one got the right thing. He is saying about mind’s key” ~ Gauri😌
In the midst of arguments Hari glanced at Meera for a moment🤗💜💜
She felt like a single glance holds 1000 meanings at that moment💕💫
Many times we got into the mid of a topic or situation. The context we catch may be totally different and so will be our answers😂😂 “
How to read stories told by these waves and rainbow?”
God may not fulfill all our dreams. Millions exist in this world whose dreams are larger than ours, but still striving”
My pain bounced back to me, reflecting from their fun and laughs”
Tear is not the extreme infinity point🥲”
A small stone is enough to create deep transverse waves in deep water. Small incidents are enough to create great disturbances even in strong minds.”

There is no other word to replace ‘PERFECT’ when the other person understands you without the aid of words and expressions. ~ That old Meera not even in shadows”

When you get hurt taking freedom in someone
You may never dare to show it to anybody else later”
You are lucky if you get someone to wait for you”
I feel like crying every moment you are near me” #Gauri
Is it when people get a better one than you, they break relationship with you? A better choice or option? 💥💥”
Sometimes time solves our problems
Without giving answers to our questions”
I used to say, I will never return back to life. It’s only a dream. But yes, I survived and returned back for a last time, though the other person is still unaware of whatever changes happened in me”
When I made you a part of my heart, you broke my heart into parts”
What happens when we learn the depth of love, yet forgot its meaning 💓”
Live your life with a thought in mind always…..
You can lose anything at any moment.
The moment which approaches you can –
Leave you at any time.
Yes, it does make a huge difference”
No one can understand anyone 💯 in this world 🔥🔥”
It’s only the deepest suffering which goes unnoticed”
It’s true love, the most difficult to get in this world, and an understanding heart”
Sometimes you shower a lot of love and care on me. But when I try to show the same, you pretend and neglect me as if you are unaware😌😔”
It’s easy to pretend before others, not before ourselves”
We can wear masks and act…. Till we know each other”
Is he pretending to know nothing or is it just an illusion of mind?”
“We never know the other side of the story. We make assumptions based on the side visible to us”
To know each other and pretend ignorant…..💔
One of the most difficult tasks of the entire universe”
Don’t you want to know what’s really in Hari’s mind?” #Abhi
Her laugh was out of control for such a silly reason after so many days, and Abhi got surprised. She was well aware of what’s running in Meera’s mind last few days. But that laugh never connected with her expressions”
When you commit a mistake and get a partner too, it gives some sort of relief🤭”
“Sky is still clouded, just like her mind. Her visuals are fading. The sky is obscured by rain clouds, just like she”
“I get lost at many places where we travelled together before”
“When mind losses its rhythm
It goes numb before every question.
Even heart pretends to know nothing”
“I’m sure
You don’t know till this moment
Why I went far away from you?
When fate put a moment in front of me,
Where it seemed, we have a story together,
You pushed me away exactly that moment
And I felt you did intentionally”
“Avoiding someone by saying lies is not justifiable”
“No matter how hard you try,
Many things are not destined for some people
Sad but true!”
It’s not a good feel to have a meaningless story. But it’s nice, if no one read it🤗”
While striving with survival techniques, who is interested in beautiful sights around!!!”
Every person holds a few secrets which he never tells anybody
Not even to the person who he loves and trusts most!!”
To which part of my heart, you belong to💕🤗?”

I love to feel that perfume every time I get lost in loneliness. It brings your magical presence💕💜🍁🌪️”

Many times music can connect two hearts better than words and languages”

“I lost trust in love and bonds

Yet slowly my heart couldn’t deny the beats for you💓
I got confused
Till now what I believed about love and relations
Was it true or not.
Looks like I started learning lessons of love now only💕💕”

Special November Nights💫💫

#Rain #StreetLamp #YellowLight #Tea”
In that misty November night
Yellow street lamps were smiling
Words were raining silently in heart💕💕
Yet I preferred walking slow and silent
Beneath the moon and blinking stars
And wished for a moment or two
The journey turns never ending😌😌”
She has been silently learning him for the past couple of months. She got surprised to know the striking similarities between the two in characters, passion and interests….. except in one thing – he lies too much😕😕”

“Seriously, he lies too much😌😂

And he cooks lies with so much confidence and easily presents too, without feeling guilty😝💜🔥”
He can easily hurt who loves him most, and often as revenge if something goes wrong. He takes it as the freedom to hurt😌😕”
I never enjoyed your lies”
A friend is someone who guides towards the lamp, not into the world of darkness”
I assumed, if it’s some kind of infatuation my advice will help you to get out of it. As a good friend, I felt it’s my duty #Abhi “
You claim to be my soulmate. Then how you failed to read my mind and thoughts? #Abhi #Meera”
“Special November Nights💓
Street Lamp
Yellow Light
And You💜”
When you asked me, ‘don’t you really want to know’, I misunderstood for a moment, you were asking for a lifetime😔”
If my mind had succeeded to win over that single question, perhaps I would have taken a different life journey. But my heart failed me here”
Some questions can be answered only with a painful smile,
Because all words in the dictionary are not enough”

“I just knocked his hand😌

Pretended to be angry
Didn’t look at his face😔
Walked away in haste without turning back
And took a deep breath
I lost my heart to him forever that moment💜
And lost myself too💔
And everything I was holding till then🖤😢”
No one till now knows how much I failed to cry that day”
“How will it look like, when someone who brings you from the world of darkness, who you trust you most, who you believe understand you most, pushes you back to that hell, though unknowingly!!”

“Love makes you fail many times💔

Sometimes for you
Sometimes for a part of you🤗💕
Sometimes for both💓”
When the unexpected spring which blossomed in your life bringing so many springs together, suddenly sheds its petals and losses its colours and pleasant fragrance, how will you feel like?”
Every time you break my heart like glass I kept searching for my broken pieces & fixed every time with mine. Yet you continued with your mischief, breaking again & again to tiny pieces. But when the last piece is left now, to which glass piece should I fix?”
Every time my heart was broken I kept asking, how many times should I fix again?🤯🤐”
You keep breaking my heart without any break
And at last I will laugh at you and say,
Anything left? What will you break now?
I don’t even have a spare heart now to break🤯🤭”
I assumed once, I will skip this, I will skip that –
If you won’t become a part of my life.
But fate brought me into such a situation where
I am forced to remember you very often
Yes, I gained courage to face many things in life
Against my expectations🤗”
When people walk away from our lives,
They often take with them,
Many of our favourites …..
May be some passion, obsession, a hobby or desire”
My mind fails in your presence always💕”

“I behaved so, it doesn’t imply I didn’t want to hear it from you.

My beliefs were strong and I was just fulfilling my promises to myself
Do you know my hardships to keep my promises?
A word could have given answer to infinite unsolved puzzles.
Yet I declined!”

“You were trying to read me through my words. But if you had looked deeply into my eyes right at that moment, you would have fully read my mind, even much more than I could ever tell💕”

Dark disturbing clouds got displaced with happy clouds.
How her sad thoughts suddenly switched to happy ones, she had no idea”
She clearly understood the fact, wounds given by time can’t be permanently healed, because she is a brilliant student of Time ‘Guru’. She needed to be taught only once. She won’t forget easily.”
She purposefully kept a safe distance from everyone, even herself, because she understood what life taught her”
Some relations are simply a feel of caring, or being there when needed When we loss that care, we loss that person forever”
I miss you in our conversations nowadays”
“She set on a journey in search of words
When silence took away all of them💜”
“Last time when it stopped raining in my dreams
A tear drop that waited to come out of your eyes
Spilled on my hand
Suddenly I took away my hand
To realize it was a rain drop only
Suddenly my eyes started pouring
And I kept its last drop in my heart
Hidden from everyone
Not sure why!”

“Years still counting

1… 2…. 3…..10….. 20….. ♾♾
How beautifully I can act even today🤗😅
How I acted yesterday
How I will act tomorrow
How again I started the new episode🤨
Can’t stop laughing😂
Can’t cry too😕
Frozen long back
#Hari #Meera💕💕💜💜”
To go far away from someone who gives so much love,
It definitely has one strong reason” #Hari #Tears🥲
“Am I being misunderstood wrong or interpreted as a wrong person?” She asked herself. Her mind failed to come up with an answer as before, and once again she was pushed into a world of illusions”
She waited for him for long 5.5 years. She spent each & every moment of her life thinking of him only. She couldn’t enjoy the joy around her. But him didn’t return! Yes Abhi was right. He had moved on, though Meera was still caught in that maze waiting for him”
“All started with a ‘good morning’ message
Again reached there
Travelling through time
Erasing all anger
Simply forgiving🤗😇💜”
Feeling very strange. I could feel same emotions again so close, after so many years. How can confusions & emotions repeat exactly the same after 2 decades, so unexpected? Context may be different… But how can similar events, thoughts & emotions repeat in a series or pattern, almost recreating everything? Very strange!!!”
Events repeated or recreated? 😶😐 Can someone experience same love twice?”
“Can you fall in love with same person twice? And again and again?”
“Can you love someone differently at two points of time?”
“From the heaven of love and dreams, to the hell of lost dreams and darkness, the time might take a just a fraction of a second to reach”
Why is it repeating again?
Is it the same nightfall
Which took rebirth again
To be set in darkness forever
After giving short-term bliss”
Image Courtesy: My dear friend from Visag, Rambabu
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A freelance writer and blogger by profession since October 2011, interested in writing over a wide range of topics. Hope you enjoy my writings. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'.

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