Gold Ornaments – Light Weight is the latest trend

Latest trend suggests that new generation girls have not excluded golden ornaments from their collection. However modern they like to be, metals or stones can never replace the elegance of golden ornaments. New age girls prefer light weight golden ornaments in both new and traditional styles, and love to wear with any type of dress for any occasion. Through this column I would like to introduce some of the latest ‘light weight’ trends in golden ornaments which gave both traditional and new age look.

Hanging ear rings – If you want to attend a marriage function or party, it may take three or four hours. Those heavyweight hanging ear rings may give you discomfort if you are not regular in using them. Now light weight golden ear rings are available in different designs, shapes and weight. A stud with a stone with hanging threads in gold is now trending in party wear. Though it’s light weight, there is no compromise in style or look. A bride can choose precious stones with hangings for her wedding reception. Mat finish is also available. You can also choose that one if you don’t desire extra ‘golden’ shining.

Italian light weight chain – If you are keen to choose something of latest fashion Italian light weight chain could be the best option. This chain is available in 12 gram onwards, and can be chosen for kids as well as adults. For celebrations and party, this light weight chain can be used as single neck piece.

Thread chain – This chain is not easily visible. This thread like simple chain is loved by teenagers and college-going girls. This simple chain matches with any dress, and cute love lockets of different designs are also available. It’s available in 8 gm onwards.

Bangles with antique beads – If you love some unique models in bangles, you can choose this designer piece. Its three dimensional pattern with embedded antique beads and golden beads make it a favourite of many. If you put two bangles in one hand it gives a classic look.

Chain with beads and tubes – This super look chain is equally loved by young ones and adults. Gold and enamel work is done in tubes which makes it everyone’s favourite. Matching pearls and berils are also used, which is best for modern outfit. It can also be used as a single chain for traditional wear irrespective of age groups.

Elegant ear studs – It’s the best gift for someone’s marriage or your daughter’s birthday. You can also present it to your wife for your anniversary. Imprinted with white gold and diamond, light weight ear studs suits every occasion. Its price is also affordable comparing a necklace or bangle.

Antique ear rings and lockets – Antique ear rings with enamel painted and matching lockets are always trendy. If it matches with your costume colour for a surprise party, what to say more! Some people don’t like the shine of gold and for those, antique accessories could be the best option. Jewelry paint and pearls are added for give extra charm for your gold ornaments. This trendy set is available in desirable colours, patterns and sizes. You can use these lockets for your chains and matching ear rings as well.

Beaded chain with precious stones – They are costly, simple but elegant pieces. If you are not much attracted to gold and want to keep your ornaments simple, beaded chain is the right option. Precious stones like emerald, yellow sapphire and blue sapphire are used as beads. You can increase the number of layers if you desire so. A 5-layer beaded chain is available from 14 grams onwards.

Ring chain – It’s best suited for a Christian bride who wears white gown on the wedding day. This chain is available in single, double and multilayer. It can be made a choker or necklace as you prefer. Apart from wedding, it can be used with ethnic wear and modern wear.

Bracelet with precious stones – If your daughter doesn’t like heavy gold, you can gift her with a simple necklace embedded with precious stones. Coral and emerald can be chosen for such simple bracelets. Currently this bracelet with 22 carat gold is high in demand.

Stone bangles – Isn’t it a nice choice to wear a single royal bangle instead of 3 or 4 simple ones. Precious stones can add extra glory to such bangles. Those days have gone when bangles used to be the other name of a circle. Now bangles are available in square, oval and even irregular shapes. This particular peacock design given in the image is a handmade designer bracelet made using semi-precious zirconia stones. It suits best with ethnic wear and western wear.

Baahubali Boat – Film Bahubali-2 became an all-time blockbuster, and its traditional ornaments also got noticed. Same is the case of royal boat used in the movie. Jumkas made with Baahubali Boat design is already an instant hit. It’s an experiment with traditional jumkas as well. Also read: Do those jumkas suit you?

Locket with antique value – Mughal designs with heavy kundan stone work is everyone’s favourite. Handmade pieces have different shapes, and square pieces are high in demand.

Half-Bangle – These enamel coated bangles fit to anyone’s wrist. Enamel work using red and green colours give a classy look. As per demand, other colours can also be chosen, matching with your dress. The image shown here is a good example of stainless glass enamel work, and weighs around 28 grams.

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