Asafoetida Tips

Asafoetida is an integral ingredient of South Indian dishes. It’s called Kaayam in Malayalam and Tamil language. It’s added to increase the flavour of vegetarian curries such as Sambar, Rasam, Theeyal etc. Its unique flavour makes a dish so special, and there are many ways you can keep this flavoured product fresh and aroma locked. 

1. Mix solid asafoetida with equal amount of salt and powder it. It will stay fresh for a long time.

2. Solid asafoetida is usually available from stores in paper boxes. A plastic cover is used for wrapping solid. During winters, plastic becomes sticky to solid asafoetida, and not easy to take out. To avoid this, you can place your solid asafoetida in refrigerator.

3. Place a piece of asafoetida in your chilli powder container. Your chilli powder stays fresh for a long period without any damage.

4. Smoke a piece of asafoetida, and place the dry pickle bottle upside down above that smoke. Fill it with smoke and then use it for filling pickle. Pickle won’t get fungal attack easily. 

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