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Till a decade back, a bathroom used to be a washroom where you spent only a few minutes. But now, it has turned luxurious and a comfort station too, where you can spend your leisure time checking your mobile and reading messages. Very often you spend that time for beauty treatments like henna, hair colouring, face packs etc to enhance your beauty. Also nowadays people take a lot of time under shower also. Now every room is bath-attached and hence separate bathroom is available for every member of the family. In short, no one comes to disturb you in bathroom.

Yes, from a narrow low-spaced area, bathroom has now changed to a refreshment zone. Many new interior design experiments have come and gone. A few stay as trendy always while others leave. So let us see some of the latest trends in bathroom interior.

Bathroom can be divided into three main areas  

Shower area, area near to closet and area near to wash basin – these three areas need at least 90 cm space. Shape of the bathroom should be planned after knowing the total space available and convenience. As per latest trend, bathrooms are as wide as bedrooms and a lot of expensive design techniques are also experimented nowadays.

If you are not a fan of big-sized bathroom who is not interested in trying new designs, rectangle shaped bathroom is best for you. It’s cost-effective also. Rectangle shape can also accommodate all the specifications of a normal bathroom. You can bring elegance to its interior by separating wet area and dry area using curtains, screens or glass.

How to partition wet area and dry area of a bathroom?

It’s always a better idea to partition both these areas during construction phase. Wash basin should be fixed in dry area. If so, if you enter bathroom for refreshment, you need not touch the wet area. Also if you are in a hurry, wet area can make you slip. If it’s an old bathroom, you can use a plastic screen to partition both these areas. Also use separators in the floor to block flow of water to the dry area.

Tempered glass is most commonly used as partition nowadays. Always choose glass resistive to moisture. Main door of the bathroom should open to dry area. You can choose wooden doors, fiber or UPVC as per your preference.

Sanitary ware styles currently trending

Interior of your bathroom should be a continuation of the interior chosen for your bedroom. You should choose a uniform style – from bath tub to toothbrush stand. The room should be convenient to clean also. If you choose wall-mount closet, the lower side of the closet and bathroom floor can be cleaned easily. White is the standard colour for sanitary ware. Use concealed flush tank. It gives a wider appeal to your bathroom and cleaning is also easy.

If you want luxury in bathroom, intelligent toilets suit you people most. Automatic motion senses fixed in these toilets detects a person’s presence and automatically opens the lid. It also flushes the closet once you get up. Air dry cleaning facility is also available, and this type of closets best suit elder people.

Closets are available in different shapes and sizes. Elongated closet with more width and length is the best choice for old people. But your bathroom should also be spacious to fix such closets. Round shaped closets are best for small bathrooms.

Bath tubs – Of different types

Bath tub is quite common nowadays. If your bathroom is spacious, you can accommodate a bath tub if you wish. Nowadays people fix bath tubs at least in one bathroom, attached to master bed room. Bath tubs are available in different designs – tubs below floor level and at floor level (free standing bath tub) are among those. You can find variety designs in free standing type bath tub.

Bubble massage tubs to give you a free massage, and water jet bath tub to create small waves are also available in market now. These tubs give you some sort of relaxation in addition to normal body cleaning.

Ventilation is very important

Many people are confused if ventilation is to be provided in the most private area of a home. As bathroom is filled with moisture always, there are more chances for germs to get multiplied. So fix bathrooms at places directly exposed to sunlight. The room should also give enough air circulation. Also provide exhaust fan to get rid of bad smell.

You can fix anti-reflective glasses in bathroom windows. After bath, open windows for a while and allow fresh air to come inside. You can also provide sunlites above the bathroom walls.

Wash basin – mainly of two types

Under counter wash basin fixed inside counters and vessel wash basin fixed above washing counter – both are trendy. You can choose one as per your tastes. Some people still prefer old fashioned pedestal basin and wall mounded basins. Choose taps which suit well with your wash basin. For vessel basin and under counter basin, taps should have height and should point towards the inner side of basin. Normal taps are not effective and give a bad impression as well. Glass basins have lost their charm nowadays.  

Natural and rustic

Now many are willing to spend huge amounts of money for a luxurious bathroom. Very often the total cost will be almost equivalent to that of bedroom. Now experiments with textures of wood and stone are trendy. Granites and stones can be provided in dry area of bathroom if you please. Floral prints have gone. Instead plain and rustic elements are high in demand.

Now finally a few tips to make your bathroom stylist and beautiful

1. To fill light inside bathroom, you can experiment with mirrors. Choose white and cream colours for your bathroom interior. It gives spacious appeal and gives more brightness.

2. Remove old fittings. Shower heads and taps can be changed annually. Rusting taps and faded soap dish can kill the beauty of bathroom interior.

3. You can plan wise while designing small bathroom, to make every space effective for use. Small compact basin, cabinets fixed inside walls and wall-mount closet with concealed tanks are a few tricks. Sliding door is enough. Fix two big mirrors on two walls to give a spacious look to bathroom.

4. Bathroom floors and walls are usually provided with tiles. It’s not necessary that they should follow a unique pattern or colour. Instead you can cut tiles in small and big uniform pieces and place small pieces as borders on walls and floors. You can fix different type of tiles in shower area and wash basin area.

5. Your bathroom needs a colour scheme. Highlight wall for your living room and bedroom can be experimented in your bathroom as well. Also provide bathroom accessories quite matching with those selected two colours. If you don’t like bright colours, you can choose warm and cool colours for your bathroom which gives a classic feel. Choose bright colours for shower curtains, bath towels, tooth brush stand, soap stand etc.     

6. Cabinets should be made by the material resistive to moisture. If you use cabinets for decorative purposes, make use of colourful glasses or small plants. Cabinets should never touch floors. Leave a little space in between. Cabinets should be placed in dry area or wash basin area. Make decorations minimum while designing cabinets.

7. Normal showers have almost disappeared from trendy bathrooms. Instead showers from four sides which soak you completely – is the latest trend. Rain head, body jet, shower head and hand shower are the common variants available in market now. If cubicle shower area made of glass is used, things are easier. Big shower heads are trending right now. You can also choose square and round pieces. Shower heads with metallic finishing is also available.

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