Easy tips to cook vegetables, grains and pulses easily

It takes a lot of time to cook grains, legumes and pulses. When it comes to vegetables, if not cooked properly, they loss colour, nutrition and taste. Through this article, I shall provide a few easy tips to cook vegetables, grains and pulses.

1. Add a little lemon juice to the water used to boil potatoes. Potatoes cook well. You can add a little oil too, as an alternative.

2. Add a little lemon juice while cooking okras. They get fried well. 

3. While cooking pigeon peas (toor dal/sambar dal), add two drops of mustard oil too. Dal gets cooked easily.

4. You can prepare easy rasam from dal cooked water, while boiling dal for sambar or dal curry.

5. Cook vegetables with closed lid and low flame. It needs less oil, and takes less time too. It’s more nutritious as well.

6. Use pressure cooker to cook grains and pulses. It saves both time and energy.

7. You can soak grains and pulses in water for some time. It makes cooking easy. 

8. Add a little oil/ghee while cooking dals. They cook easily and taste better too. It won’t overflow as well.

9. While cooking green spinach, add a pinch of sugar. It retains the green colour.

10. Make small cuts on potatoes before boiling. You can easily peel off skin later.

11. While cleaning salad vegetables like carrot and cucumber, use a brush to clean their skin instead of knife. Dirt will be removed completely, and the nutrition of skin can also be preserved.

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