How to make your non-vegetarian ‘Meat’ dishes tasty? Here I provide 25+ simple tips

Non-vegetarian dishes mostly include fish, meat and eggs. I have provide some easy tips while preparing fish dishes. Click here to know. In this column, I shall provide a few tips to make your chicken/beef/pork/mutton dishes tastier.

1. While marinating fish and meat items, add a little lemon juice as well. The gravy will bind to the fish/meat pieces easier and your dish tastes better.

2. Add one piece unripe papaya while cooking meat of any variant. Your meat cooks easier and turns soft also. Peel off the skin before you add to curry. You can add a few pieces as well. You can also grind green papaya to make a paste and marinate mutton pieces for easy cooking. 

3. While preparing meat dishes, add salt only after meat is half cooked. The dish turns soft.

4. To avoid the sputter of fat while frying meat, sprinkle a little salt on the Kadai just before you pour oil to fry.

5. Try to cook meat in low flame taking a little more time. Dish turns tastier, and it won’t loss its flavour or nutrition content. Keep the lid close to retain its flavours.

6. While preparing curry dishes, never open the lid too often. Keep the lid tight closed to lock the flavours. Cook in low flame.

7. While cooking chicken breast, marinate it with buttermilk and place in refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Chicken breast will cook easily.

8. Add a little salt to the oil while frying fish or meat. Oil/fat won’t spill outside the pan.

9. For chicken fry, marinate chicken with gravy and place in refrigerator for some time. Chicken will be easily marinated and masala blends well.

10. If you make snack varieties of meat or fish by dipping in batter and deep frying in oil, add a pinch of baking soda or soda water to the batter. Your snack turns crispy.

11. To improve taste and aroma of meat dishes, add a few leaves of cloves during preparation.

12. Marinate the chicken/meat used for biryani with curd and ginger-garlic paste. and allow to rest for 5 hours in refrigerator. It cooks easier.

13. While cooking liver, add salt only at the last point. Otherwise it turns harder.

14. While cooking chicken/meat you can use a lid with bowl shape to close the cooking vessel and fill it with water. Your meat gets cooked easily and water content is retained. 

15. If your meat is too hard, add a charcoal piece of coconut shell while cooking. Remove it before you serve.

16. While frying chicken, add a little sugar and butter to the gravy used for marinating. Taste improves.

17. Slice green tomatoes to thin pieces. Dry them, make a fine powder and store in a container. Add it to your fish and meat dishes to improve taste.

18. While storing meat in refrigerator, cut them into big pieces instead of smaller ones. Meat won’t get damaged easily.

19. Warm a little buttermilk and immerse your meat/chicken for one hour. Cook later. Your meat turns soft.

20. While preparing duck, add a little curd also. It cooks easier. You can also get rid of its bad adour.

21. Dip chicken pieces in water added with vinegar for 5 minutes before cooking. Then wash it well before use. This process will get rid of the bad odour.

22. If your chicken curry has excess water content, add a little maida flour. Gravy thickens.

23. Cook chicken/meat pieces adding salt and vinegar, and store in refrigerator. You can store it for long days without damage. You can take sufficient quantity out, and prepare your favourite dish easily. 

24. If you make snack varieties of meat or fish by dipping in batter and deep frying in oil, wrap the pieces in cornflour or maida before dipping in batter. If so, the coat binds well, when fried. 

25. While preparing beef kabab, cut meat pieces into small square pieces. Add a little curd to the masala paste before marinating. Keep it in refrigerator. When you take it for grilling, wait till it reaches room temperature. Your kabab turns soft.

26. If you have left-over meat cutlets, you can use it for omelettes. While preparing omelets, you can place it as filling and fold it.

27. Add a little curd and rice flour to the masala used for marinating chicken for frying. Your chicken fry turns crispy and tastes better too.

28. While preparing masala powder for meat dishes, add a little Shahi Jeera also. It improves taste and odour.

29. While preparing chicken/meat for biryani, you can add coconut milk too, when meat is almost cooked. It enhances the taste of Kerala style dum biryani.

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