Chinese Recipes – Secret Tips for Cooking

Indians have accepted Chinese foods, and now Chinese Cuisine has become a part of Indians’ daily life. Chinese dishes are tasty and most of them have easy cooking methods. Through this column let me try to add new flavours to your Chinese recipes by giving you some of the easy tips and cooking methods.

1. Never over cook vegetables for Chinese dishes to get the correct flavour. Stir fry is the best option. In this method, vegetables are fried for 2 minutes in high flame. Stir continuously. Nutritious content is never lost in this method. You can also try this method to prepare Kerala cuisine’s trademark Mezhukku Puratti and Thoran dishes.

2. It’s unhealthy to eat Chinese dishes outside. They are high in Ajinomotto content which can completely destroy your health. Though Chinese dishes made at home may not taste exactly similar to those you get from restaurants, they are healthy and never upset your stomach too.

3. You can substitute every Chinese chicken dish with fish you give a Chinese touch to your fish dishes.

4. To thicken your side dish for any Chinese recipe, mix a little corn flour with water and add to the curry at the final stage.

5. While preparing noodles of any type, stir fry cabbage, capsicum, ginger-garlic paste, celery, spring onions, eggs, beans and carrot and add to your noodles to make it delicious and nutritious.

6. Use only vegetable oil for preparation to get the correct Chinese flavours. 

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