While using moisturizers – Some common doubts answered

If you want silk like skin, you should include moisturizer in your beauty kit. Age, life style, climate etc are most common factors affecting the skin, turning it dry. Wrinkles and dryness of skin will kill the beauty of skin. Moisturizers can compensate such problems to some extent and can provide your skin with softness and beauty. It also helps in retaining moisture content of skin, thus making your skin glow. Also read: 10 Useful tips while using moisturizers. Through this column, I shall try to clear a few of common doubts related to moisturizers.

Should only people with dry skin use moisturizers?

Irrespective of skin type, all people should use moisturizers. Moisturizer blocks the loss of moisture of skin and hence retains youthfulness. It also serves as a remedy to many skin problems related to dry skin. But it’s important to choose moisturizer suiting your skin type. Then only, you will get desired results.

For dry skin, cream type moisturizer is best. It helps to great extent to reduce dry appearance of skin. For people with combination skin, i.e, dry skin in some parts of face and oily in some other parts, lotion type moisturizer is best. For people with oily skin, choose gel type moisturizer. If they use cream type moisturizer, pimples may appear. So completely avoid cream type.

You can apply moisturizer morning or late evening/night, after bath. Skin should have a little moisture while applying moisturizer, that’s very important. Then only you will get full effects of the beauty product. If you follow this procedure, moisturizer retains water content of skin for prolonged hours. If your skin is too dry, you can apply twice or thrice a day to get better results.

What are the procedures to be done to get rid of dry skin?

One easy method is to drink plenty of water. Include fruits, normal vegetables and leafy vegetables in plenty in your diet. It helps to retain normal water content of the body. Do exercise on a regular basis. It improves skin tone, beauty and health. With experts’ opinion or after consulting a skin doctor, you can take multivitamin tablets and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are able to follow above things, you can retain skin moisture to a great extent.

Apply coconut oil on your body 15 minutes before you bath. Use some mild soap or body wash. If you do it on a regular basis, it can reduce dryness and dullness of skin.

While using soap, some skin turns more dry. Such people should choose white soaps with less foam. More foam adds more dryness to skin. You can also choose suitable body wash as an alternative.

Do babies need moisturizers?

Children’s skin is naturally soft and moist. Yet due to many reasons, their skin can turn dry. You can start using moisturizers from an early age, which can block many skin problems which can appear later. It also retains moisture of skin. Choose ones specially made for infants/children. Using such moisturizers can reduce the chances of eczema, which makes skin dry, itchy and inflamed.

Like adults, while choosing products for kids, choose ones suiting their skin. Choose ones without perfumes. You can apply twice a day, after bath. Just like adults, applying moisturizers soon after bath, retains moisture content for long time.

Can you use same moisturizer for face and body?

It’s better to choose different moisturizers for face and body. Face skin is sensitive comparing with body skin. Contents like hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture content. It’s better to choose moisturizer containing this component for face.

Hyaluronic acid is a component of our body, mostly found in skin. It is also found in joints. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain water content in skin for a long time. While aging process is going on, Hyaluronic acid can help you in reducing wrinkles and skin dryness. It also blocks UV rays, which can show up as aging. So, choosing moisturizers with Hyaluronic acid content improves softness and beauty of skin, and retains moisture for long time.

What steps are to be done to break down aging process of skin and retain its beauty?

As age processes, water content of skin reduces, skin turns drier and wrinkles start appearing. Black spots and patches also start appearing. Avoid using hot water for bath, because it turns skin dry. Lukewarm water is best. Also take less time to bath.

Within 3-5 minutes of bath, apply skin moisturizer. For aged people, cream is the better choice, comparing lotion and gel forms. Also choose soaps and body washes with less foam, also mild in content. Avoid soaps and creams with intense perfume, because they can cause skin itching. Drink plenty of water and follow a balanced diet, rich in nutrition content.

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