Useful Travel Tips While Taking Kids For Picnic

If you go for a trip with your family for a trip, kids will be most excited. Why not? Kids love exploring new things, they love the company of parents while visiting places, and above all, they get a short break from studies. No one asks them to study. Isn’t it? But while taking kids for a picnic or journey, responsibilities are more for parents. First of all, they should ensure the safety of kids, good and healthy food, proper accommodation and precautions to be taken against attack of diseases. For an adult person, only fewer things are needed. But while taking kids we need to take a lot of preparations, and assure twice, “Have I packed everything?”

Here I suggest a few important things for parents’ notice while taking their kids for a trip.

1. You should have a clear idea of the place of visit and also the route and time duration of travel. Plan your things according to it. While taking kids for a drive, you should ensure that there should some nice sights or locations of kids’ choice, their likes etc. Also ensure that the climate suits him too.

2. If you are going by train, flight or bus services to distant places, you should take return tickets also before you start the journey. Also plan your journey properly, pre-decide time to be spent in each location, accommodation facilities, places to visit etc.

3. While taking kids for a tour, everything may not go in hands with your plans or decisions. Kids may wake up late, or play for long time at a particular location or they may prompt you to do some extra purchases. So while planning a journey itself, you should keep in mind this fact. Prepare everything at least half an hour before you start at pre-fixed time.

4. While packing costumes, choose those that fit the climatic conditions of the places you visit. You can keep 2 or 3 extra pairs of dresses for kids, as their dresses get soiled easily. If you are taking a baby with you, you need to keep extra dresses. Never mix children’s dress with yours. If possible use a separate bag for packing kids’ costumes, accessories and medicines, and pack it one or two days before the journey. You can pack separately sweaters, socks, hats etc too. 

5. You can keep dry fruits or snacks for kids to give them at intervals. Instead of buying bakery foods with artificial flavours and excess oils, you can carry a few homemade snacks and sweets. It can block many unwanted diseases and discomforts, which are enough to ruin the happiness of whole journey. Food taken from outside along with long journey can make stomach upset or give digestion problems.

6. Also carry boiled water with you. If possible, carry food for one day. For the rest days, you can depend on restaurant foods. If possible, avoid water and juices from restaurants. For long trips, you can carry kettles to boil water. Carry some plastic covers and extra towels/clothes too. It may help you in urgency time of vomiting in kids. 

7. While packing, keep a medical kit also. Medicines for cold, fever, headache, stomach problems, cuts & wounds etc can be kept in the kit, along with cotton and band aids. You can also take note of doctor’s number, and carry with you, kids’ health cards and mediclaim policies. Place this kit in such a way that you can take it easily. Consult your family doctor before the trip, and take note of common medicines of your kid. You can carry it as a note for the trip.

8. If you have planned for a boating service as a part of your tour, before you start you can give alert messages to kids and precautions to be taking during ride. Kids may not hear your words in excitement when you reach the tourist spot, and you may not get enough time to give advices too.

9. You can also tell him in advance to contact the tourist guides or officers, in case they get lost. Make them memorize your phone numbers, place name, address etc. You can also note all these things in a piece of paper, and keep it in his pocket or handbag. Kid may not communicate properly with others, in case he lets lost.

10. Avoid gold ornaments during journeys. It’s also equally important that kids should not wear fake ornaments which resemble gold. Only you know the real matter. A thief may not identify it easily. Use beaded chains and fancy bangles instead.

11. You can give them nice games, puzzles etc during your trip to keep them engaged. It also helps them from getting bored. If you are taking your vehicle, give short breaks to driving occasionally.

12. Carry separate covers to place used clothes and covers. Never forget to buy diapers for infants. Plastic sheets, wipes etc can also be packed along with diapers. Parents can use disinfecting hand gels during the journey, if they are carrying small babies with them. 

13. And most importantly, never allow your kids to mingle with strangers throughout the journey, and strictly instruct them not to accept food or toys from them. Teach them how to kindly reject such flavours from unknown persons.

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