Food Solution for Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver – very common condition among new generation diseases. It’s a familiar term to middle-class people too. Through ultra sound scan of stomach it’s easily detected, and in future, it will be very common in all human beings. There is no clear cut treatment method for fatty liver. Through healthy diets and good life style, one has to reduce body weight and keep fatty liver under control. Better solution is to avoid this condition as much as possible. Isn’t it?

What are the reasons for fatty liver?

Unhealthy food with high oil and sugar content and less movement of body parts are the major reasons for this condition. Excess usage of liquor is yet another reason. In short, it’s an invited unhealthy condition due to bad living style. Fatty liver is not a silly condition as you imagine. Fatty liver at younger ages can lead to severe liver diseases like Cirrhosis in future, resulting in death. Fatty liver is the main reason behind major liver diseases, and excess usage of alcohol is the main reason.

What is fatty liver?

When fats get deposited in liver cells, this condition is known as fatty liver. It never shows early symptoms, and it will be noticed most times unexpectedly. Pain on the right side of abdomen, loss of appetite, tiredness etc are some of the common symptoms. In blood tests, level of liver enzymes will be shown at higher levels.

If fatty liver is not controlled, swellings will appear in liver cells leading to the worst condition of hepatitis. It’s the second stage of liver diseases and it slowly progress to the third and final stage – Cirrhosis. If you are able to find the correct reasons and give proper care to your health through good food habits and exercises, it’s possible to bring back your health to previous condition. This reversible nature is the positive point of fatty lever.

Not only liquor is the main villain

Excess drinking is the main reason behind liver diseases. Yet liver diseases can also be found in persons who never consume such beverages. One of such conditions is termed as ‘Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease’. Uncontrollable diabetics, excess cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, excess use of steroids, fast food with high calories, junk food and processed drinks – reasons are many. These unhealthy food habits can slowly deposit fat in your blood cells and liver cells leading to the condition of fatty liver.

Snacks fried in oil, pastry, cake etc can increase the level of fat in blood which can also lead to fatty liver. Food items with excess fat and sugar content can bring the condition of fatty liver in kids also.

Put in control ‘Dining Out’ culture

One or two decades back, restaurant food was not very common in our daily life. But things have changed a lot in the recent 10 or 15 years. Restaurants are popping up at every street and junctions like mushrooms and they earn huge profit by serving unhealthy food to us. Very often standards of food making are not maintained, and oils are reused several times.

Through fast food, excess fat reaches our body and to add taste to such served food, they add in excess oil, sugar, salt and many artificial flavours too. They taste good, but they lack proper nutrition. Regulate ‘Dining Out’ once a month, and try to prepare those tasty dishes at home itself adding less sugar, salt and oil.

Include traditional dishes in your diet on a regular basis. Normal vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits can shield your body against fatty liver to great extent.

Heavy dieting is not necessary

To reduce obesity, never go to ‘hunger strike’. If you put too many restrictions on food habits it can also lead to fatty liver. Eat nutritious and well-balanced diet. Also do some simple exercises. You should never try to reduce body weight swiftly. Instead adopt a proper diet plan and reduce it slowly. It’s safe to reduce up to 3 kgs in a week, but not more than that. You can also seek the advice of a dietician to know about the correct and scientific procedure to reduce weight.

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