Leaves of these local plants can give you quick relief from breathing issues

Now it is monsoon time, and rainy season is associated with cold, fever, running nose and breathing problems, and breathing issues turn worse for asthma patients. Apart from seed, stem and roots, leaves a few locally available plants can give you instant solutions to breathing problems. Here I suggest a few ayurvedic and homemade remedies which can provide you quick relief.

remedy for breathing issues

1. Take a few leaves of Ummam (Datura Stramonium) and dry and powder it well. Take a coconut shell, put a few burning charcoal and put some powder in it. Breathe the smoke for a few minutes. It gives relief to breathing problems.

2. Take a Kayyonni plant (Eclipta prostrate) along with its roots. Wash it well and crush it extract 50 ml juice. Add dry powder of Thippali (Piper longum Linn) and mix it well. Take an iron pot and apply on its surface. Allow it to dry well and then store it in a container. Extract ½ spoon juice from betel leaf every day, and mix a little quantity of above medicine and take it regularly for a few days.

3. Take leaves of small Aadalodakam (Justicia adhatoda) and smash it well. Boil it well in water till the solution thickens. When it cools, mix it with a little in honey and dissolve slowly by placing in mouth. Repeat it for a few times a day.

4. Wash a few leaves of Ponnaaveeram (Senna hirsute) and crush it well to extract juice. Dissolve it in honey and betel leaf juice and serve.

5. Take 25 gms of stem and leaves of Vallipaala (Tylophora indica) and boil it in 200 millilitre water. Reduce it to 50 ml and drink it completely several times a day.

6. Take tender leaves of ginger plant and extract its juice. Serve it along with a little palm jaggery. Slowly dissolve the juice and it’s a good remedy for breathing issues in kids.

Citation: I have prepared this post based on a health magazine. Kindly seek advice from your Ayurvedic doctor before you proceed.

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