How to get over the tendency to take excess sweets? Here I suggest you a few tips

Soon after meals, for special events, for auspicious occasions and even for depression – sweets are taken by many of us. In addition to these special occasions, sugar enters our body through beverages, snacks etc. Intake of sweets in small quantities is OK. But if you get addicted to sweets, you invite a lot of unpleasant consequences associated with it; diabetics, high blood pressure, obesity and heart diseases to mention a few.

Apart from health, excess use of sugar adversely affects beauty and body shape too. It reduces the skin glow and gives you an age appeal. Intake of sweets with excess quantity of sugar may lead to hormonal imbalance and pimples. Why can’t you try these few methods to reduce your passion to sweets? A few simple tips to control intake of sweets…..

Let’s overcome the desire to sweets

First step is to reduce the sugar level in daily coffee or tea. Also take vow that you will eat sweets only on special occasions. Here are a few more tricks.

1. Include protein rich items for your breakfast dishes. As per researches, taking protein rich food in the early morning reduces your desire to take sweets later. Eggs, whole grains etc can be included. Deficiency of certain nutrients also prompts you to take more sweets. You can seek an expert’s advice and take supplements of Omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin D3.

2. Leave the habit to take sweets during happy moments and sad moments. To overcome the tendency to take sweets, engage yourself in some activity you love most. It distracts you from your wish to take sweets. Dance for a while, talk to your favourite friend or watch a movie.

3. You can overcome that moment by replacing sweet with small meals. Avoid foods and drinks with artificial sweeteners added. Fruits also contain sweet. You can replace sweets with any healthy fruit. Include vegetables and protein-rich food items in your diet.

4. Drink plenty of water. When you don’t supply body with sufficient water, it leads to dehydration and tempts you to take sweets.

5. If you spend more hours free, there are more changes to eat more sweets, as per studies. So keep engaged yourself, and do mild exercises as well, to overcome the desire to take sweets.

6. In short, not to lose the sweetness of your life, keep your ‘romance’ with sugar at bay, within your control.   

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