Tips to retain memory power in kids and elderly people

Forgetting even silly things in daily life can cast black shadows in anyone’s life. Memory loss affects both kids and elderly people equally. If you determine in mind, you can overcome your memory issues. Through this article, I provide you a few simple tips.

Tips to face memory issues in kids

–> Is your kid forgetting to do even simple tasks and responsibilities assigned to him? Is it affecting his studies in daily life? Is he making mistakes because of this memory problem? Yes, we can sort it out. Just note all these given points.

–> Teach them to visualize each and everything in life, and store them as such in memory. Ask them to see in mind, whatever he sees, hears and learns. Ask them to see in mind, arranging his study books in a disciplined way in study table. Then ask him to arrange his table the same way, he arranged books and other things in his mind. Teach them to visualize every task given to him first, before doing it. If so, he will slowly forget his habit of forgetting his responsibilities. Same way, while studying, if he tries to visualize everything he learns and memorizes, he won’t forget his lessons easily.

–> You can ask kids to teach you the lessons which he learns. When he explains things what’s in his mind, he becomes more confident in his knowledge, and bi-hearts things much more. Apart from academic knowledge, your kid can teach you anything he learns, for example: craft work, sports, arts etc.

–> You can occasionally ask your kid questions like, “Why it happened so?” It improves the thinking capacity of the kid and he analyses questions more, which helps him to arrive at an explanation or answer.

–> Before he goes to bed, you can read a small portion of his lessons. It improves the memory power of small kids. It also improves the quality time of parents with kids. Reading habit improves knowledge apart from improving memory power and concentration.

–> Learning step by step improves memory power a lot. Start with a small portion, and continue it on a regular basis. Choosing same time to study also yields positive results. By doing this, brain, which acts as a timer, already sets your mind to concentrate on the things you learn. Slowly the child also gets prepared by himself and develop a habit to study during those hours.

–> Reducing screen time (like mobiles and television) and giving some time to exercise also improve memory power in kids. Encourage your kid to involve in some form of physical activity every day. It also helps in burning calories and unused fat, thus improving his health too.

–> When your kids sit to study, avoid everything which can distract him. Kindly avoid using mobiles, television, music etc in the study room of kids, while he is studying.

–> Never assign too much tasks to him at the same time. It slowly leads to boring. Fix time for every task, and most importantly give him sufficient rest, both to brain and body. Good sleep also improves memory.

Tips to face memory issues in adults

–> When you age, your brain also ages. Obviously, you may not be able to memorize things the same way, you were during your younger ages. Even you can forget silly things and simple words. Memory problems hit people mostly during their 50s. Many times, it’s not just age factor which works against you. Depression, tensions, some kind of drugs, life style diseases etc are a few more. To retain your memory power, these tips can help you to a great extent.

–> Discipline in daily life can work in your favour a lot. Arrange things in your home or room in such a way that you can memorize them easily. Avoid putting things here and there. Instead place your books, car keys, spectacles, purse, mobile phones etc in the same place every day. Fix specific place for all things in your home. It’s applicable for housewives as well, how she arranges things in kitchen. You can use a keyholder to arrange all keys together in a place. By doing so, develop a habit to place things in the same place and not misplace them.

–> You can use sticky notes to improve your memory. Stick them in easily noticeable places. You can set mobile remainders for your friends’ birthdays, anniversaries and even marriage invitations and functions. If you want to call some person or do some particular task at a specific time, you can set remainders in your phone.

–> All goals are fulfilled in a disciplined way, step by step. To memorize a mobile number, first bi-heart first three digits, then next three digits on another day and so on. If so, you can memorize numbers easily.

–> Saying things repeatedly helps you to memorize things more. While addressing someone, try to use his name. By doing so, you can memorize his name easily. After consulting your doctor, recollecting what he told and telling yourself can improve your memory a lot.

–> Keep learning irrespective of age. Keep your brain active always. It improves memory power. Try to learn something new, an art, a new language or anything of your taste. Never block yourself giving age an excuse. Puzzles, riddles and games challenging your memory and intelligence can help you too. Learn music or a new music instrument; join some art or painting class; learn a new language or recipe. Even recollecting things from your experiences/memories and writing them as notes or diary can improve your memory a lot. At your work place, you can accept new challenges which you have no previous experience and start from fresh to learn and do it.

–> Social life also plays an important role. Listening to others and even talking to others on a regular basis can improve your memory power, retains it too.

Let’s improve concentration

–> Chess, Sudoku, riddles, puzzles, card games etc can improve memory and concentration in kids a lot. Adults can also practise the same things.

–> Give a magazine or article to your kid. Ask him to mark or draw a circle around a single alphabet or word, wherever it appears in the article. It improves both patience and concentration.

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