Some interesting egg stories and sharing its nutritious facts

An egg can be held firmly inside our palm, but it’s presented in how many wide avatars! How many stories does it share! What to say more? Even black magic is experimented in egg. That may the reason why a hen makes a laying cackle soon after she lays an egg, to proudly tell her neighbourhood of her accomplishment. But she can’t even imagine how the egg will be used or proudly presented in a serving plate by a world famous chef!

We can ponder a lot on egg stories. Yet an egg has been restricted in the dining room at several times for various reasons. The main villain to produce cholesterol, enemy of heart patients, a friend to fat, the convict behind piles and pimples – accusations are many. The list is not ending here. He has been targeted by so many, for various reasons. Yet popularity of eggs has not decreased, and chefs love to experiment with different egg dishes. It’s easy to make an omelet or bull’s eye or a tasty side dish using eggs. That’s why egg is so popular.

As per later researches, many dieticians favour eggs, and urge to include eggs in diet plan. Yes, egg is not a fierce ghost as it is believed to be.

Egg is essentially a protein bank

Egg white is the best food item which is capable of supplying sufficient amount of proteins for human body. Each person needs to take protein in accordance to his body weight. For a person with 60 kg weight, he needs to take 60 gm protein every day. For patients and those with high manual efforts, protein intake should be more than 60 gm. Patients often feel the deficiency of proteins.

Fat content is less in egg white, but it includes 6 gms of protein and 55 milligram sodium. It contains only less calories. Protein is most essential for the normal functioning of body. Egg white also helps in dieting. If you want to decrease body weight by 1 kg, you should loss 7000 calories from body. If you increase the amount of proteins, you can control your body weight.

Body needs 24 most essential amino acids, and 9 out of them are not produced in human body. They reach human body through food taken. Most interestingly, all these 9 amino acids are present in eggs. It helps in the growth and better functioning of body cells. Vitamin A, fat and cholesterol are found in yellow yolk. In short, if yellow yolk is taken in excess, it increases cholesterol level of the body. But you can take eggs in controlled manner.

You need not feel scared about using eggs. Only thing to note is bring suitable adjustments to your meals. National Heart Foundation of Australia suggests that a person can eat an egg a day, and that it won’t affect the health of heart. But include a lot of fruits and fiber rich food in the meals, along with egg consumption. But for persons with high level of cholesterol, yellow yolk should be avoided. Those with kidney issues and diabetics should also avoid eggs, as per studies.

While preparing egg dishes, reduce the amount of oil used for preparation. If possible, choose local eggs, with no hormone issues. Taste of egg is so pleasing that it prompts you to eat more. It’s easy to prepare egg dishes too. It takes only less time to boil eggs, fry or to scramble eggs or prepare bull’s eye. Egg is also added with many common dishes like cakes, cutlets and other snacks and fries.

Comparing its nutritious content with other food items, it’s cheap too. An egg costs around 5 Indian rupees. You can also grow hens at home with less expenditure. Now it’s possible to grow hens in terrace, if you don’t have sufficient space to build a coop. You can store eggs in fridge for long days (up to 10 days) and use it at occasions of emergency. You can prepare a series of dishes using eggs too. From boiled eggs to egg biryani and from salads to omelets eggs can be presented in thousands of forms. Egg puffs, egg baji, samosa, sandwiches – you can prepare a wide range of egg snacks too.  That’s the reason why egg is so popular, and become a staple food item for many people.

Nutritional facts of egg

It helps in defensive mechanism of the body, and high in vitamin supplements. Egg white contains albumin protein, and in yolk, it includes – fat, cholesterol and protein. Now let us dissect an egg, and find more details about it.

Protein – As told above an egg contains 6 gms of protein, and helps in cell replacement.

Collin-2 – Egg contains Collin, which is needed for the functioning of brain. It also helps the functioning of nerves. It also defends fat deposits in liver.

Vitamin-D – It’s most essential for bones, and also plays an important role in controlling the quantity of calcium in blood. Calcium and phosphorous in eggs are most essential for healthy bones. The presence of iron in eggs helps blood to carry oxygen.

Fatty acids – Omega-3s is present in eggs. It helps in the growth of brain cells. Antioxidants – Lutein and zeaxanthin help in eye health.

Amino acids – Nail and hair growth is stimulated by amino acids, and they are found in eggs. It helps in hair growth. Amino acids which catalyze body metabolism are also present in eggs.

Proteins – Include protein rich food in your menu. It helps to reduce body weight and makes you slim.

Egg or hen first?

This puzzle is still unsolved. Since young we hear about hen’s egg most. But it’s not the truth. Eggs of quail and duck are also edible. Duck egg is big comparing with hen’s eggs. But quail eggs are very small. Egg may be of any type, but all are nutritious, tasty and healthy.

How to find if eggs are fresh?

There is a simple method to know if eggs are fresh or not. Take a glass of water and dip eggs in it. If it’s new, it will fully immerse in water. Otherwise it floats on water. Old eggs have less water content, and that’s the reason why. Also air enters inside through its pores. Average life span of eggs is 10 days.

How to boil eggs without breaking?

It’s the most common issue while boiling eggs. How can we prevent eggs from breaking? If we take care of a few things, we can boil eggs without breaking shells. Here is a method.

Boil water and then add a little salt. Then slowly place eggs in the pot. If flame is high or water boils, there are more chances for eggs to break. Reduce the flame to boil eggs. While putting eggs to the pot, use a spoon to gently place it in the bottom. If so shell won’t break easily. Eggs should be washed well before boiling.

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