Solution to hiccups

Not even a single person exists in this world, who has never experienced this strange jerk with sound known as ‘hiccup’. Though it’s a harmless jerk, if you are at a public place, interview or examination hall, it’s really irritating. It’s known as singultus in medicinal terms. Once triggered it’s a reflex and continuous action non-stop giving you discomfort. Through this column I am providing a few measures to prevent hiccup and its solutions, in case it occurs.

Drinking water – an instant remedy for hiccups

Why hiccups occur?

1. If you are not patient enough to eat your food calmly, more chances are there for hiccup attack. When you eat food in haste, a small quantity of air also reaches your diaphragm giving it discomfort. It results in hiccups. So, best solution is to have your meal taking at least 10-15 minutes.

2. Never keep yourself hungry for long hours. In such cases your stomach fills with gas resulting in hiccups.

3. Many of us have a habit to take a small rest after lunch. Avoid rest soon after meals. When we lay down our heart needs to pump blood stronger against gravitational force of earth. It may result in hiccups.

4. If you want to take rest soon after meal, sit for a while. Read a book and take rest. Lay down only after half an hour to avoid hiccups.

In case if hiccups occur

Best solution is to drink two or three glasses of cold water in one stretch. Let me give two more simple solutions.

1. Keep open a paper bag or plastic bag near your mouth. Blow air inside the bag strongly. Do it for a few times to see hiccups disappearing.

2. Close your eyes and bring your fingers near your iris. Then rub your iris gently for one minute or two. Your hiccup will surely dissolve giving you comfort.

Through this column I have briefly explained the reasons behind hiccup and its solution. Hoping it will be helpful.

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