Some Gulmohar Thoughts

Is it the intensity of separation which gives –

Deep blood red colour to gulmohar flowers?

When monsoon rain arrives

Gulmohars start saying good bye

Witnessing how many separations!! Infinite

When the flowers get soaked in rain

How many tear drops are also mixed with them!!!

Each gulmohar which dissolves in soil

May have one sad love story each to ponder.

May those pouring tears along with raindrops

Repeat the same story again.

To witness the pain of separation,

To witness the poems of pain,

These summer flowers are born

To intensify human emotions.

Till the next Gulmohar season blossoms

Let’s wait for one more summer,

Boring and repeating the same stories again!


End Note: Gulmohars are painful symbols of separation. I just wish they never blossom and seasons of painful separation never happen. In short, I want to skip this Gulmohar season.

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