Heart Strings – Part 2

The moment till I set it free without any expectations, I was OK and relaxed…. But when I made it a part of my heart and tried to own it, it made my heart into parts. Each and everything of this world is like this. Never try to own anything or try to keep it to yourself. Just set everything free….. Mind, dreams and everything💕💕🌈♾🦋💫

I never gained courage to leave you :): 💓💔🍁”

“I wish I die in one of those moments …..
When I hold my breath,
To capture those moments
And make them prisoners forever💕💕”
“You stay in every heartbeat of mine these days
And I come alive only in those moments💓”

I just need someone (one) with connecting emotions”

“We can’t create love. It just happens”

“We can only give promises, I will love you most, I will love you this much, that much. Love is simply love, directly attached to feelings of hearts, which can never be measured or compared. We can never change its measure according to our promises or thoughts, or create it. It just happens & show its magic the way it feels💕💫. Love can only give untold promises, exchanged in silence….Words can only exchange assurances, not true feelings of heart💕✨💫”

“You can transform to any form you want
Still I will recognize you
Because we have an invisible connection
Which whole words of universe will fail to explain”
“If you don’t want to talk what I want
Why won’t I make silence ….. my best friend?💔🍁
“As long as I remain in your dreams,
I don’t care I get lost somewhere else”

Once upon a time I was your heart beat💓”

“Those who have never suffered pain to gain love can never read the thoughts of a broken heart
Those who never lost love can never understand the pain of someone who lost it”
To love & get separated is one of the biggest sorrows of life.
But to love someone so intense, but never letting him know it is more terrible.
To not get the deserved love or exchange it, gives immense pain
Which need to be carried as a burden till the end of life journey”
Close your eyes for a few moments I want to watch you.
Because I know it well I can’t do it when your eyes are open”
Some good byes are never told.
For the same reason
A virtual link do exist sometimes
Untold unnamed💜🍁❤️💫”
Some people don’t get even a goodbye💜🍁💫💔”
Time changes so fast between two people”
“A single touch with eyes
A feel of care with a word
Can give miraculous healing effect
If it’s sincere”
“So much happened between we two,
In a silent world between silence and words
Even we failed to understand”
Second chance to love, which I missed once”

Years back I felt dissolute from materialistic world and bonds. Yet how you managed to bring those lost emotions back?”

“Sometimes my heart can’t hold all your heartbeats together
Yet moments are meaningless when you go far away from me”

“Some memories are more intense than burning fireplace🔥🔥😔”

No one makes a substitute a part of the heart. They are for short-term entertainment only”

“From that point of time,
I could never love you deep from my heart…
Don’t know why!!
Yes… I tried a lot”

Every time I look into your eyes, I fall in love again and again”

“It’s so sad you know,
When we can’t recollect our happy days from memory with happiness”
“Never give right to someone to question your love
And never ever try to prove it to them too”
“There are many more happy and beautiful things in this world….
Never get stuck in love only”

“Eyes tell a lot than words and actions”

“Let me try to complete your incompleteness
You also try to complete mine
And let’s together transform from
Half moon to full moon”
“Some people take away with them
Some of our most fond things
While leaving with us
Some of their favourite things forever💜”
#Idanazhy #Corridor
“Now I am slowly learning to walk alone
Without you💫💫🤗”
“I tried many times
But I always failed to love you as before
Maybe because……..
You never understand me”
“Words can be shortened
Even reach silence…..
When you try to hide your love for someone”

“Let’s walk among the stars in the moonlight🌙🌠🤗”

“If I had not met you,
My life journey would have been different”
“To sing a song
We should know the lyrics 😉😂💜🎶”

“I want to heal all your bad memories and show you the sunshine”

“Gone colours can return back in other shades🌈🦋
Will you accept in new form?💫”
“Sometimes I am silent like a lake
And my silence full of you
Sometimes I am full of words
Yet I hide my words like an ocean”
“Not everyone near to you is close to you
Not everyone away from you is far from you💕💫✨”
No one else has read my emotions so deep…..
Except you💫🤗✨” #MeowKuttan
I write a lot for many people
But I never read for them
Except you💫🤗✨” #MeowKuttan
Some relations are at hand distance
It’s your decision to choose or not💜🌪️”
“How many times have I died in your heart –
Without being reborn,
And how many times have I added –
Different colour shades to my white veil in coffin,
Without seeking your permission😢🍁
“We belong to two worlds
We move in our own circles💫✨
We may connect at some point at some station
But still we need to move apart after a few moments spending together,
As strangers or as acquaintances……
Who knows!!!”
Want to fix my broken heart all alone
Without seeking help any longer…..”
“Real love never dies
It only subsides and brought to rest
Real love can’t hate too
You just try to survive without it
Till you reach that point of no return🍁🤗”
“Deepest desires are the deepest secrets”
“I shall hand over my heart to someone I trust, before I leave,
So that you will get my love in my absence💕”
Real freedom happens when your heart has not been captured by anyone else😂💖”
Keep hurting me
Till I stop loving
And go far away from you forever”
Gulmohars are painful symbols of separation. I just wish they never blossom and seasons of painful separation never happen. I want to skip this Gulmohar season”
“Wins which mind recollects from memory frequently are actually losses, some with your knowledge, some without 💫💕💕🤗🤗
When you #lostheart2someone❤️ “
“Everyone love to listen tunes which connect with their hearts. Most of them have glimpses of their life experiences🎶🎶”
If I start pouring as rain,
I will drench you completely
Better stay away from me😉😝💕 🌈🦋” #Craziness
We are loving as strangers💫🔥💕
You can bind people for a short time….
But how long?
Let them go”
“”How can you remain calm and silent, even after you are broken many times by many people?” #AskingMyHeart♥️🙂
And heart replies, “Your answer lies in your question”💕💕🤗”
If you don’t want someone, let them go….
Never keep them as prisoners🍁😔”
“I never knew what was I missing in my life
Till I met you.
Within a few days I realized
It was something like
An invisible connection reestablished,
Something broken in middle some time back”
“You can be bad to whole world, but never to the people who you love”
I couldn’t simply act more.
Otherwise I would have kept your friendship for a lifetime, as you wished💜
I can feel your heartbeats so close, though you are not near 
Physical presence less matters
I know you will hurt me every time when you are not feeling OK
It’s OK
But never kill me with your silence after that….
Promise me 🤗🤗”
“Once again, we forgot to act as friends”
“Some memories are meant to die
While some others to keep forever”
“Sometimes love is there
But language may be different or difficult to understand😉”
Some matters are specially designed for some people….
Some get it frequently, some never get it
Some hearts are made to be broken always
Some hearts are meant to break others…..
Some seasons are forever for some people
They never change”
“I might go absent for a while
But you are never absent from my thoughts
Your presence is so important to me
Like this breathing air”

“It’s nothing more painful than to wait for something or someone in uncertainty. Some waits stand against the test of time and succeed too. But if it ends meaningless, what to say!! If such waits come in loop, it’s terrible.

Yes, Some waits are meaningless!
Not even get an answer!”
“Some people keep waiting for answers rather than demanding, and they rarely get it🥲🙂”
It’s terrible to recollect all misfortunes from memories together”
Your lies are too sweet 😘😌”
There is someone who told me, ‘I share an emotional bond with you’, those words I never heard before or after that💕💕”
How can you be so heartless?”
“It’s really worth that moment when you feel someone is happy seeing your happiness, especially when you are experiencing it after a long time💕🌈🦋”
“I lost you
I lost everything🍁
Experienced different shades of emotions at peak, in both extremes, in a very short period💕”
“Love is like that pouring rain
Which showers unexpected
Without seeking permission.
Gives signs through dark clouds
Has the tenderness & beauty of rain
It also has chillness
Sometimes rains silently
Sometimes accompanied by thunder & lightening
Raining colourless,
Sprinkles 1000s of colors”
“You add more colours to my rainbow🌈🌈
Some are visible, some are not”
“I don’t want to pick those broken glass bangle pieces again
I don’t want to listen to the music of that loneliness again
Let those disappeared springs call me again
Let those faded nights call me again
But I don’t want to go back to those painful yesterdays
I have moved on💜”
“That day when our fingers touched for that last moment
My heart never knew
I am going to lose
The warmth and shade of your hands forever🍁”
“Every time when I look deep into your eyes
I search for something
But as usual, my heart sinks every time
Because I find it missing
And it’s your love for me”
I want to smile again. Please come back and return my smile”
“When I gift you an everlasting spring,
You can give me at least one petal in return….. 🍁💫🙂” #Expectations 
“Love is like a wonderland or maze
Not easy to find the exit point🔥😂
Losing you means losing myself”
“Never leave love hurting,
Without knowing the other side of story
“Love sometimes showers as silent rain
Sometimes it is accompanied by lightening and thunder
It showers in different ways in different people
Some people fully drench in rain
While some others shield themselves using an umbrella😆”
“From life to lifeless
Words take little time to travel
It looks like my sun deprived me of his light”
If you don’t want, let it go…
Never hold and leave as per your convenience” #Switching
“When love knocks your door and goes away just before you open it
And you keep waiting and waiting💜💫😔
“Can you please take care of my heart?😉☺️😂”
“I am in search of a broken heart which exactly fits mine
I shall complete you and you complete mine
Want to heal all your worse memories”
He went far away after teaching me, what’s love 💜”
“Lucky are you if you experience true love twice
Unlucky too, if you loss both times too”
I think, I should also behave the same way you treat me
But what to do,
When you talk to me, I can’t keep distance from you”
Any person who hurts me without any fault from my side doesn’t deserve my love and care too
“Not everyone is lucky to get love reciprocated or know it. Some get multiple opportunities while some get never.”
“Many have hurt me before you🍁
But only you/a few could make me laugh like this💕💫”
Don’t hurt me by hurting yourself”
I hope we shall meet as strangers again💫”
Till an emotional bond existed, I adjusted somewhat. The moment I realized I was just a substitution, Everything went wrong in sequence🍁”
We belong to two worlds
We move in our own circles.
We may connect at some point at some station
But still we need to move apart after a few moments spending together,
As strangers or as acquaintances…… Who knows!!”
Just remain silent and look into my eyes. I shall read everything”
Someone’s thoughts bring smile to my lips after colours of all seasons faded inside me”
I show freedom to those only who I feel will never leave me at any cost”
Thanks for letting me know I have a heart and it’s not frozen yet💓”
Till an emotional bond exists, relations survive somehow”
Why is it so difficult to earn someone’s love?”
You occupy 80% of my memory and thoughts”
Second chance to love, which you missed once”
It’s only a virtual relation since long🍁”
“There exist a few things which can make you happy and sad at the same time💓
“You just remain happy💕💫
I will be OK🤗”
When you smiled, I smiled too
When you laughed, I laughed too
When you cried, I cried too
Because every beat of yours is mine too”
“Some relations are virtual in real life
Some relations are real in virtual life
Some people stand so far in nearby distance
Some people stand so close in far away distance🔥🔥”
A beating heart in pain is better than a dead and frozen one, beating for a dead relation. It gives the best instance you are alive”
Reading each and every heart beat of yours
I wanna feel your heart beats💓💫”
“Seasons have been changing before too☔️
Monsoons have poured many times before too🌧️
Sun has set infinite times before too♾♾
But what’s new in this new season?
Everything hold something new in its silence,
Which was never before💕💫
Perhaps not decoded by someone else!🤗🦋”
I am still in search for a single person who thinks,
How to make me happy”
I turn a prisoner myself to all those who I love”
Love is all about feel, not physical appearance or presence of someone”
Nothing changed between you and me
We both are still there
Only time changed…
And it goes on…..🍁♾”
Moments are recreated… But by who?💫”
Silently healing you without getting noticed💫”
You broke a part of my heart forever”
For me to return back to life,
You should return back to me”
Your eyes are filled with tears now. I know, those tears are mine”
“I miss something in our conversations nowadays”
“I miss you in our conversations nowadays”
I could be wrong….. But you can’t be” #MadInLove
Just want to be with you only
So I reserve at least 90% of mind space and brain space for you only”
There is a part of inner self in every person
Not exposed to outer world,
Sometimes not even themselves.
It gets connected to a very few people sometimes,
Sometimes never,
Who recognize another part of you,
Unknown to everyone else”
“You start to learn most of yourself right from the moment
You start losing you to someone💕💫
Sometimes true love is rediscovering yourself after losing once”
“Desires have always distributed pain to every loving heart”
#EDilENadan #song #translation
Pretending to be far away from me
Though standing near”
“Some memories, both sad and happy are exclusively meant for you, though many other names are associated with them✨💕🤗”
Gulmohar – The flower of separation”
Do you remember the same moments I do? Do you recollect same memories I do?💕💫”
“It’s just a feeling to be understand by we two. I don’t want to tell the whole world. Let it remain so💫”
“Has moved on longtime back🍁❤️
Yet gets stuck occasionally in between💕”
“Relations formed out of spaces are most times nameless”
“You were not so dear to me this much as you are now
Yet I started giving you immortality through my lines!
Slowly I was getting closer to you with those words ……
Even if you never read it!”
“We never grew close as friends
Though we both pretended so💕💜🌪️💓”
We grew close pretending as friends and remained so forever💕💜”
Can promises be given only through words?”

“You were not so dear to me this much as you are now
Yet I started giving you immortality through my lines!
Slowly I was getting closer to you with those words ……
Even if you never read it!”
I want to travel back for a few moments
To take back a few things which I forget
And return back
To start again a new journey”
Nowadays I don’t miss you like I used to,
And there is one reason for my smile too #Secret “
“Some people stand at distance where eyes can’t reach👀
Some bonds stand at distance where eyes can’t connect💕💫”
I may appear as if your absence doesn’t hurt me,
Simply to make you believe,
I can survive without your presence
And win it too”
“Some pains which I don’t want to leave🌪️🌪️
They are precious than several happy moments combined💕💫”
When you are stuck in love, all other pains are just meaningless”
Sometimes you accept pending friendship requests
When you are absolutely sure,
Your heart won’t cross the limits💕💜”
Wrote a lot, but told nothing”
“You told, “I didn’t give you a life”
But I say, life can be started any moment
From today…. From this moment🍁🙂
Nothing is late, Only we need to start ☺️
I fight against you………. For You💕💫”
Some seasons do repeat
Some monsoons do pour again
Same are some summers and autumns” #Repetitions
Some memories, both sad and happy are exclusively meant for you, though many other names are associated with them”
Pretending to be far away from me,
Though standing near💫✨🥲”
“Many times I feel
We both should relieve those heavy words
And let them go forever
Rather than holding for a lifetime💕💜🥲😶”
Some feelings won’t die forever
But remain subdued when neglected and not reciprocated”❤️🍁
“It’s there somewhere💕
I simply let go expectations long back to free myself ❤️🍁🤗🤗”
Some stories are only pauses, not the end👀💕”
Now we have forgot even fighting!!🍁🥲
Deep silence👀”
“I do believe in soul connections 💫✨, connection between two people.
You can change to any form, yet the soul connection exists. You will realize it some point of time 💕💕”
Some loss their paths to reach yours, travel for a while together and depart at next junction, teaching you love or giving you a new experience”
Not confident enough to look straight into your eyes💫💕”

“I never knew what was I missing in my life

Till you came as magic💫✨💓”
“I got connected with you through sad moments,
Not happy ones 💫✨”
If you were near me, I would have enjoyed each and every silly thing as we used to be. In your absence, everything is burning me from inside”
Though I failed to connect, at least I decoded”
In a long life, love happens in a few moments. It spells magic for a short time. Hence forget the egos and enjoy it fully.”
Once you love someone it’s not easy to forget. But emotions can die definitely💕💜🍁🥲”
Some versions of you, you will reveal to some versions of the other person only”
“Only love remained less🍁💔”
I want a space free of your memories”
“To cover long distances
Only a few moments are needed sometimes
For some return journeys too💫✨🤗
Yes, there are many losses, lost dreams too
In these moment drops knitted & knotted by time.
Thousands of stories to tell
If you say, you are ready to listen❤️❤️🤗✨💫 (If you are here to listen now onwards)”
“Some people stay in your darkness as fireflies at distance
So near, yet so far
Giving warmth and care,
A feel of always being there for you💫✨🙂”
Do you know how much I miss you all these moments when we are talking in another space?💫”
“Seasons do change
Flowers bloom again 🌸🌸
Colours may be different
They may smell different
But definitely spring will come again🌈🦋💫”
Only my lips are silent, not my heart”
“Once u loved someone truly from heart
It doesn’t matter if the other reciprocates the same
Time may change,
Equations change
Things may never remain the same
Emotions may settle down
But love is simply blind to accept the flaws
And a part of heart still beats in wounds 💓
Without expecting anything in return”
“I simply love people
And don’t try to prove it”
“When the stars bloom tonight ✨💫
I shall pluck some and gift you.
When you go to bed, keep them closed
In a glass chest near you
May they guard your sleep whole night
Like glowing fireflies♥️♥️”
Sometimes you read my mind much more than I ever could”
“You got connected to me at different levels till I rediscovered me in you💫❤️”
The ocean of love I carried for you, You can’t fill even a few drops”
“I read each and every heart beat of yours💓,
Though you are not staying close to me”
Want to fall in love with each word you say”
You are the unborn colourful spring in my infinite colourless autumns”
One can’t be special to everyone, but definitely for a few”
We got connected through infinite ways, we both hardly imagined✨💫”
“Some people may not still remain with you as a part of your life. But some things closely associated with them may become a part of your life forever” #Idanazhy

Love can be of different forms. You are giving me which form, who knows!!!”

Perhaps I can never be like you. But can accept you as you are”

“I was sinking and sinking moment by moment
When I started finding me in you
Till I finally lost myself forever in you💫”
“By healing you, I am healing myself
Only love and care, no expectations 💕💕”
“O moon, taking you in arms 🌜
I embraced sky & became a cloud 🌪️
I turned a full dusk, O dear
And you flowered as a star💫”
#Malarkodi #Song #Translation
I left everything for you. And now, you can hold everything except me🍁💔”
Very often I read much more than you tell… Through your eyes 😕🍁💔”
“You brought a break to my endless sufferings
Where I have struggled all alone
Though I am on another painful journey now,
I am happy am not alone💫”

I got connected with you through sad moments, Not happy ones”

Though I failed to connect, at least I decoded💕💕”

Sometimes we need some another person to express through words, what we feel”

“Who said we are not talking now.
We now have a comfortable way to talk,
Where words are no longer needed
We simply talk in silence,
Beneath stars and moon
Unknown to everyone around
Which is far better🤗🤗”
“I will stay with you
I will never leave you
You have no one else 💕💕”
#Meowkuttan 😍
“When I am hurt, I need comfort
When you were hurt, I gave my heart😓💫”
“Love doesn’t grant freedom to hurt anyone intentionally”
“To get defeated in love is another form of victory
Because everyone need love to survive
And battles are not always fought to win
But to lose too💕💕”
“When the fragrance of love leaves a relation
Even a simple joke can be interpreted wrong
Because to let go someone
We need just a single reason or silly excuse”
“Some people stay in your darkness as fireflies at distance
So near, yet so far
Giving warmth and care,
A feel of always being there for you”
“You used to say, we two have so many things in common
Slowly you started feeling we are different
And finally one day you told, we two are different people
From that moment only I started feeling,
Yes, we two belong to two entirely different worlds😇😇
A slow walk from #Illusion 2 #Reality🚶‍♀️ “
“We two are just two broken hearts, who were left as incomplete halves 💔💔
Can we together fit them perfect to heal ourselves?💕💕💫🌙🌜”
“The people who are close to perfect
Never search for perfectness
They can easily accept flaws of others🍁🤗☺️”
“Why can’t you rebuild me staying with me, instead of going far away from me, if you really love me?”
“Most probably you step out from someone’s heart
Step by step🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”
“When my face turns a bit gloomy
You used to come and stand before me like a rose flower🌹
If my heart pains a little bit
My tears used to fill your eyes
When you flowered as a colourful rainbow and disappeared🌈
I was left with nothing
Except a few questions without answers💫🚶‍♀️”
“In all the words I ponder, you overflow somewhere
In the breath I take, you have dissolved somewhere
Though unintentional I try to inhale often
Your perfume for a moment somehow.
In the happy moments where you are absent
My mind desires your presence without my knowledge
Yet, I declare myself as the winner💃💃
I have forgotten you long back
Even I was not aware!!! 💜🍁❤️💕🤗🌹”
#Many times only perfume stays alive
“You still stay as a wounded part of my heart💔
As long as no one scratches it
I am fine and OK🍁🤗🙂”
“We intentionally accept defeat in many battles
As we care more for some people than our victories”
“Real happiness in when you let someone win without even letting him/her know💕💕
And that loss gives happiness which thousand wins together can’t give 🤗💫💕💜🍁”
“How to hurt people who have moved away with my broken heart pieces?
After all, their hearts also own a part of mine💕🙂”
“Sometimes we simply pretend ignorant before someone’s lies,
As the person is too precious to let go”
“Love is broadly of two types….
To choose someone with who you can live
To choose someone without who you can’t live💕💕”
“How can silence between us communicate more than words ever could?💕”
“Happiness/Success of those who I love is my happiness/success too,
Even if I am not a part of their lives 💕💕🤗🤗”
“Every time you hurt me,
I change that each moment to a heart beat of mine💓💫”
“Very rarely sleep takes rest in my eyes
He just likes to wander around me
And never even let me know😉😆”
“O dear,
A raindrop has promised me yesterday evening
To bring me a message from the distant blue skies
And I am here waiting🤗🤗”
“Love is never a play to act
No one should take it as an art to hurt someone 🤗🤗💕💕”
“More than words, it’s about feelings which bind hearts 💞💫”
“Some people come to our lives
To bring back some memories which we pretend to forget”
“I am made of your broken parts
If you go missing
I will be missed forever💕💫🤗”
“Heart understands many languages which can’t be written or explained by words💕🤗
Everything is not meant to be explained 😇💫”
“Fights should have the total life span of just one hug
If the distance between two hearts is zero🤗🤗💕💕”
“Never give or accept love as alms
Never keep it as alms for someone too💕💕🤗🤗”
“Only broken parts are meant to stay forever💔”
“I am no one to do calculations about life
I am no one to give promises for tomorrow too
Because I can assure you only this moment
Where my life survives through the breath I take right now🌪️💕🤗”
“Your thoughts give me your presence
Which your words can’t
#Words #Broken”
“Even if you pass by after gently stroking me,
As a chilled dew drop💧💧
I shall blossom every day🌸🌸
In your memories ….
In your heart beats….💫💓
In your silent tunes…..🎶🎶
“Thus in one of those shedding days
She became someone so dear to me
Today, the pain you suffer and all those long breaths
Share the same vibes and same shades of the rainbow🌈🌈”
#DearFriend #Sorrows #Corridor
“Very rarely sleep takes rest in my eyes
He just likes to wander around me
And never even let me know😉😆”
“I want to bring you out of the shell,
Where you hold yourself a prisoner💫💕”
“When the gentle breeze strokes my hair strands
The cool air carried along with it
The perfume of yours
And your sweet memories with the smell of sandalwood”
“Some people come to our lives
To bring back some memories which we pretend to forget”
“I am made of your broken parts💔💔
If you go missing
I will be missed forever💫🤗”
“Heart understands many languages which can’t be written or explained by words💕🤗
Everything is not meant to be explained 😇”
“Never love anything so fondly like this
Never think it’s your possession
When fate desires something
It’s exactly the same you crave in your heart most🔥💯”
“You hurt me much more than what you expressed in love💔”
“I also get hurt with the same weapons
Yet I have learnt the lessons of forget and forgive
Because I know it well
You won’t survive those wounds”
“Fights should have the total life span of just one hug
If the distance between two hearts is zero🤗💕”
“Never give or accept love as alms
Never keep it as alms for someone too🤗💕”
“You can search your lost dreams in my eyes
You can find a few of mine too🌈🦋
But when you come next time in my dreams
Leave behind all your pain and worries in my eyes
I shall wash them off with my tears forever ✨💫💕💕”
“Some hearts are made to be fixed to be broken again
Please don’t fix mine to break again”
“When you turn silent
I also turn lifeless
I lose my existence”
“My heart is used to wear and tear, and heartbreaks
I stopped caring it long back.
It’s only for you
I cared mine and yours so fondly🤗🤗💫💞”
“When I say, you miss me for a few days, I really mean it.
But the truth is I miss you all these days💕💕”
“Whole world is captive of love more than anything else💓”
“A distant ray of hope🌻
Even while mind repeatedly says, it’s an illusion
A feel that I haven’t lost it yet💕💕
Adds new shades to our rainbows🌈🌈
And apply new colours to our dreams 🦋🦋”
“When you forcefully hold some memories to yourself,
It reduces the distance between yesterday and today.
It’s up to you to decide
It’s needed or not🤗🦋💕”
“Our successes turn failures
If those who loss to you are the ones
Who defeated you in love…..💫💓🤗”
“Some people unexpectedly get added to our lives to recreate our lost memories 💫🌈🤗”
“Some people paint and refurnish old memories create by them”
“A single rain cloud can blossom a summer forest,
A heartfelt smile can blossom the autumn season of a human heart🌸🌸”
“I care you more than anyone else
Like a mother caring her baby
Like stars caring the moon
Because you are a part of me
And I can’t loss myself once again✨💫💕😇”
“And then one midnight, the love between us reappeared again
Like a full moon, among the brightest stars💫✨”
“I lost you
I lost everything
Lost energy to fight to live
Lost energy to fight to dream
And lost the real me somewhere
Till I rediscovered me again🍁💫✨♥️💃”
“Each and every day used to be a heartbreak day🍁💜💔”
“I set off for a journey with my unsolved puzzles
Troubling me since long
Some questions unanswered
And found you standing on my way
As all my answers🤗✨💕”
“What a feel it is, being understood without spoken a single word”
“It’s a special kind of feel
When you heal yourself by healing someone else🤗🤗”
“If you read my mind,
My lines tell everything
Otherwise it’s simply a piece of poetry”
“Many things you discover in me
Which I am unaware of”
“Always beside you
Through our thoughts we are connected always”
“My dark sky was filled with tears wiping off all my stars,
And I wiped off your tears to see stars smiling in your eyes”
“Some connections are established through multiple ways”
“You may carry someone as a hurricane in your soul
With or without his consent
Without any expectations
Except to see him smile always
You can hold someone’s hand
Without any expectations
Except to see him never falling again”
“I care you because I love you”
“I can turn a joker to see a smile in your lips
I can turn a singer to see your tunes dancing in rhythm🎶
I can turn a burning candle to light myself in your way
And I can turn a star to light the moon✨
Because it’s all your happiness which matters me most🤗🤗”
“Some gentle touches can deeply touch you
Like deep ocean currents and tides
Like strong winds and heavy rains
And can completely change you,
Drench you and even leave you fully mesmerized”
“Love sets you free🦋🦋
Setting off all burdens
Sometimes bless with a feel of emptiness”
“Who am I to give statements how much I love you?
Who am I to give proofs how much I love you?
It’s only you to find it,
Reading my emotions,
How much I love you”
“I am here always
You just took time to reach me”
“When you see a new world never traversed before
Many new worlds are opened before you”
“When two hearts are connected
Physical presence less matters
Earth and moon are miles apart
Yet they are so close
Stars and seas are at infinite distance
Yet they stay close together
The presence is always felt
Warmth is always felt💞💫💕”
“You are my sea filled with oceans of love for me
Your love chills me like water touching the feet at sea shore
Now I am watching a beautiful sunset at shore
Unfolded only for me, silent and everlasting”
“The pain was unbearable
When I believed we belong to two worlds
Now the pain is sweet
When we belong to two parts of same world
Some pains are temporary
Some separations are short
Some distances can be covered
Only a matter of time”
“Though you carried an ocean full of love in your heart
Why you turned a silent dusk always?”
“I love you a lot & all those lonely moments I spend
In your magical presence or absence,
Thinking about you”
“The highest form of love is to see other person’s happiness, despite knowing what you are going to receive is pain more than happiness.
Some people experience it once and a very few multiple times”
“You give me more happiness than pains
You give me more care while others tear me apart
That’s why you are so special
And these moments are magical”
“By healing you, I am healing myself
Only love and care, no expectations”
“Will stay with you always as your heartbeat
Till my last breath.
Will never leave you, and will stay as your shadow
Till you hold my hand.
It’s my word
Beneath all these stars, sun and moon”
“When you hold me,
I am someone else💫”
“You can talk whatever you want to talk to me
You can express whatever you want to
I want you to free yourself from all chains
I want you to let go the fear hidden inside you
Because no one can understand you better than me
No one has read you better than me”
“I want to see back the child in you
Full of innocence,
Who doesn’t fear the dark
Who doesn’t fear to express.
Feel free to express, whatever you want
I am here for you only
And let go whatever you don’t want to keep with you”
“Some moments take you to a world of magic
And you keep wondering,
If it’s real or illusion”
“This special flower season
Hides infinite springs and countless colours of rainbow 🌈💃”
“You are my special dragonfly of my flower season”
“The ‘real me’ you know now is totally different from what you knew me earlier, when you just started learning me, because I changed totally that moment when you went far away from me💜”
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