Observe these phases as your infant grows

Every parent awaits for his/her child’s smile and first foot step. Each simple step indicates the growing phase of your kid, and if he fails to reach a particular stage in the growing phase of his life, now parents are aware, ‘what to do next’.

Sweet and cute smile

In most cases, a child starts smiling at the age of 1.5 – 3 months, and sometimes it may be bit earlier. The smile before that age is only reflex. When he observes something pleasant or unpleasant, he may express his emotion through smiles. This smile is seen as the stepping stone to kid’s growth. When he starts smiling and how long he smiles – a mother can observe this to know the growing phase of her baby. Smile in just a flash for a few seconds is only a reflex smile.

What to do if he fails to do so? If he has not started smiling, don’t feel nervous. You can encourage him to respond to you. Keep eye contact with your kid, and sit close to him and talk. You can play with him imitating the sounds of birds and animals.

Words he starts to speak….

From the fourth month onwards, he starts making sounds. They may utter a few letters, but not words. From 15th month onwards, he tries to spell all the words he listens to. From 1.5 years onwards, his speaking skills slowly expand and develop, and he starts learning new words on daily basis. If your kid fails to speak words even after reaching 15 months, you should consult a doctor. Not only that, in future stages in the different phases of his language development too, if he faces similar problems you should consult a doctor.  

What to do if he fails to do so? Speaking skills of a kid develops only if he gets opportunity to listen to different sounds and voices. But it doesn’t imply that you should take aloud. Instead clearly spell the words so that he can learn new things from you. Respond to everything which your kid talks. Correction of words can be kept in the bucket list for his next stage of growth.

When his teeth comes out

In most cases, teeth become visible in the 7th month of growth of baby. He may feel a little discomfort too, and develops a tendency to bite everything he gets, excess saliva in mouth, rubbing of teeth and gum etc. At the age of 2, 17-18 teeth may be visible in his little mouth.  

What to do if he fails to do so? It’s the restless time for kids, when their teeth start growing. You can give teethers to them. You can also rub the inner side of his mouth and gum using your fingers.

When he starts to swim on floor

You need to wait till 9 months to see your baby swim on his feet. He also learns to sit without any support and starts gathering objects also. He starts swimming only after he attains enough strength to back bone, neck, hands and shoulders.

What to do if he fails to do so? You can place objects on floor and tempt him to swim to reach it. You can also play hide and seek.

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