Must Makeup Kit for Ladies and here we go!

Target tension, lengthy meetings, travels – these wear and tear outs never spoil your beauty if you know how to do makeup perfectly. Daily makeup needs just 4 minutes. To become stylish party girl 6 minutes are sufficient. No need to stand in front of a mirror. Even a traffic block of 5 minutes is enough.

Must makeup kit contains these 7 items

1. Moisturizing cream

2. Foundation

3. Compact powder

4. Eye liner, eye pencil and eye gel

5. Mascara

6. Lip balm

7. Lipstick and lip glows

Now let me give some makeup tips

1. Moisturizing cream, Foundation and Compact powder – Apply these three items in your neck also while doing makeup. Otherwise makeup of face will get highlighted. Makeup should always look natural.

2. Use eye primer cream before using eye shadow. It stays long.

3. If you are fat and want to show your face thin, use contouring. In cheek bones if used light shade blush and below it, if used dark shade blush your face appears slim.

4. If your eye brows are too thin, avoid dark pencil to thicken it. It gives artificial look. Instead use brown colour pencil or eye shadow to give a natural touch to your eye brows.

5. Below eyes use compact powder and dry it well before using eye liner or kohl. Black colour won’t spread easily. You can use compact powder after drawing eyes.

6. If you have dark lips use a concealer before using lipstick. Otherwise lipstick colour will fade quickly. Also use light shades only.

7. Use blotting paper instead of tissue paper when you sweat. It absorbs excess oil, only retaining the makeup for a long time.

8. If you use fake eyelash buy eye gum too, to stick it to your eyes.

9. If you possess small eyes never draw eye liner on top and bottom of eyes, it makes your eyes appear smaller. Instead use a white pencil to draw below.

10. To avoid kohl spread, use eye gel. It adds extra beauty to your eyes too.

A few compact tips

Most people buy compact by checking its shade with forearm colour. It’s a wrong procedure. Apply three shadows on your cheek to check which one suits you. Choose the shade most compatible with your face colour. 

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Image source: Pixabay

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