Manasellam Mazhaiye Song from Saguni (Tamil) – Lyrics in English with Translation

Song: Manasellam Mazhaiye from Saguni (Tamil) 2012

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Playback: Sonu Nigam, Saindhavi, G. V. Prakash Kumar

Filmed on: Karthi, Pranitha

Manasellam Mazhaiye Song from Saguni (Tamil) – Lyrics in English with Translation

Manasellam Mazhayae

Nanaigiren… Uyirae

My Mind (Heart) is full of rain

I am drenching, my love

En Nenjil Vanthu Thangi Saaral Adithai –

Ennagum Uyirae…. Uyirae……

If you come to stay in my heart & drizzle

What will happen,

My love…My love

En Kannil Vanthu Nindru Ennai Parithai –

Ennagum Uyirae… Uyirae…..

If you come and stand in my eyes & steal me

What will happen?

My love…My love

Iravil Vanthathu Chanthirana?

Enazhagae Vanthathu Un Mugam Thaan

Was it really the moon which came at night?

Or was it your face which came, My beauty?

Vellinavo Vazhdhthum Theyinthidumae

Unnazhago Theythidathu…Vennila (M)

White moon wanes, as soon as it’s grown

But your beauty won’t wane…. Hey moon

Pagalil Irupathu Suriyana

Enazhagae.. Unniru Paarvaigal Thaan

Is that real sun which burns in day?

(No…..), But they are your glances, my handsome

Un Imaigal.. Pooridum Ayutham Thaan

Ennilae Ennai Enna Seigirai (F)

Your eye lids, cut as sharp knife

What are you doing with me, my love?

Mazhayae Manam Unnalae Poo Pookuthae, Oo……..

Hey rain…

My heart is blossoming because of you

Manasellam Mazhayae

Nanaigiren… Uyirae (M)

My heart is full of rain

I am drenching, my love


Vaanil Pogum Paravaigalai

Neeyum Naanum Piranthidalaam

Ulagayae… Marakkalaam (M)

Like birds in the sky

We both shall born again,

& Forgot this whole world

Ha…. Vera Vera Vinveliyil

Maari Maari Pirinthidalaam

Parakkalaam Mithakkalaam

In a different universe

We shall roam here & there

We shall fly, we shall float

Kaatraagi Kaikorthu Povoamae (F)

We shall join hands and travel as breeze

Mugilaagi Angum Ingum Oonjaladuvoam (M)

& Move to-and fro (swing)

Like cloud here & there

Kanavil Vazhvathu Saathiyamaa?

En Edhirae.. Nadapathu Manthiramaa?

Kanpaarkum.. Kaatchigal Thanthiramaa?

En Thegam.. Engu Neendhi Povathoe (F)

Is living in dream possible?

Is this magic that happens to me?

The sights my eyes see now,

Is it a trick?

Where is my body swimming & floating away?

Kanavil Vazhvathu Sathiyamae

En Kanavum Palippathu Nichayamae

Un Viralai.. Pidipaen Ikkanamae

Un Uruvum.. Ennul Endrum Vazhumae

Living in dream is possible

My dream will definitely come true

I will hold your finger this moment

Your image will live inside me forever

Mazhayae Manam Unnalae Poo Pookuthae

Hey rain …

My heart is blossoming only because of you

Manasellam Mazhayae…

Nanaigiran Uyirae (M)

My heart is full of rain

I am drenching, my love


Kaadhalaagi Karaindhu Vittaal

Kaalam Neram Marandhidumae

Vaanilaii.. Maarumae (M)

If we dissolve fully with love

We will forget period and time,

Weather will change

Yezhu Vanna Vaanavillil

Nooru Vannam Thondridumae

Yaavumaee.. Maayamae…

In 7-coloured rainbow,

100 colours will show up

Everything is magic…


Veyilodu Mazhai Vandhu Thoorumae (F)

Rain will come & drizzle, along with sunlight

Mugilaagi Angum Ingum Oonjalaaduvom…

We will move around & swing like clouds

Tharaiyil..Vinmeen Varuvadhillai

Vandhaalum..Kann Adhai Paarpadhillai

Paarthaalum..Kai Adhai Thoduvadhillai

Thottaalo…Enna Aagum En Manam.. (M)

Stars never come to earth.

Even if it comes, eye can’t see

Even if you see it, hand can’t touch

If ever touched,

What will happen to my mind

Tharaiyil.. Vinmeen Varuvadhundu

Vandhaalum.. Kann Adhai Paarpadhundu

Paarthaalum.. Kai Adhai Thoduvadhundu

Thottalo.. Kaadhalaagum Un Manam (F)

Stars often come to earth

If ever it comes, eyes often see it

If we see, hand can often touch it

If it touches, you heart will fall in love


Manam Unnalae Poo Pookuthae..Oo… (M)

Hey rain …

My heart is blossoming because of you

Manasellam Mazhayae… (F)

My heart is full of rain….

End note: The word ‘Manas’ literally translates as ‘Mind’. But I feel ‘Heart’ is apt, with the context of the song.

The song “Manasellam Mazhaiye” was reused by G. V. Prakash Kumar from his hit song “Chalisuva Cheluve” which he composed for the Kannada film Ullasa Utsaha. Original version was also sung by Sonu Nigam and Saindhavi, the composer’s wife.


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