It’s Ok to be Vegetarian, but…….

The debate still goes on… Is man a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Showing his incisors, non-vegetarians argue that humans are non-vegetarians, while vegetarians defend it showing their molars. Every human has the right to choose the type of food he wants. Most important is that diet should be well-balanced and nutritious.

Vegetarians are of different types

Lacto-ovo vegetarians dominate the different genres of vegetarians, who exclude fish and meat, yet include eggs and milk in their diet. Ovo vegetarians never consume milk, but eat egg and egg products. Lacto vegetarians consume milk, but not consume eggs. There is a four group among the vegetarians who can be tagged as complete vegetarians. As they never consume meat or milk products, they may show deficiency in Vitamin B12, needed for the formation of RBC and DNA and growth of nervous system. 

Vitamin B12 is not a silly person……

From bone marrow, red blood cells are produced, and for this process Vitamin B12 is an important component. It’s also needed for the formation of the thin layer, myelin sheet needed for the functioning of nervous system. B12 is also needed for the proper growth of a foetus in mother’s womb. Deficiency of this vitamin may lead to paleness resulting in loss of appetite and tiredness. Inflamed tongue is one of its early symptoms, where it losses the outer skin and turns in reddish in colour, smooth and shiny. Edges of lips cracks frequently and black spots inside mouth and tongue are other symptoms. Nervous disorders can lead to freezing of limbs, loss of balance of body, memory loss and confusions etc, and such problems are most common in elderly people.

These food items provide B12

1 microgram is needed for an adult person daily. It’s abundant in meat, milk, fish and their products, and the consumption of these food items supply sufficient B12 needed for our body. Human body can’t produce B12, and it should be supplied through food. Yet human liver can store this vitamin. This fixed deposit of Vitamin B12 in liver can be made available for human functions for 2-3 years. But its level in liver should be retained through the consumption of food items containing Vitamin B12.

Milk provides sufficient B12

It’s not necessary that you should be a non-vegetarian to supply this vitamin. B12 needed for human functions is found in abundant in milk and milk products. It also includes protein, fat and minerals, needed for body growth. It’s always advisable to drink milk to supply enough supplements to the body, and packet milk may not provide all. Nutritious level of skimmed milk is low. Hence give only fresh milk to children, pregnant ladies and elderly people if possible.

Certain medicines can prevent the absorption of Vitamin B12

Proton pump inhibitors – the drugs used for acidity and related problems reduce the production of acid in stomach. These medicines should be consumed at least 30 minutes before meals. Yet the consumption of these medicines for long periods reduces the absorption of Vitamin B12 to the body. It happens as the end result of low production level of acids in stomach.

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