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How many of us expose ourselves to mild sunrays at least 5 days a day? We start off in the early morning and reach office before sun starts shining, and sit inside the air conditioned rooms till late evenings. What’s the end result? Deficiency of Vitamin D and diseases associated with it. We get this vitamin free from sun, but the diseases and health issues caused by its deficiency can cost you lot of money and time.

Sunlight – No: 1 source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D – The vitamin produced by human body

Vitamin D owns a pet name, Sunshine Vitamin. When our body gets exposed sun rays, rays fall beneath the fat layers of skin. It changes to a chemical substance – Cholecalciferol, and is sent to liver. Liver changes Cholecalciferol to Calcidiol and sends to kidney, where it is changed to Vitamin D. Thus liver and kidneys play an important role in production of Vitamin D in human body.

When houses have paved way to flats in the recent times

Though it looks simple, the flat dwelling culture has paved way to Vitamin D related issues a lot – a true fact. Structures of homes have changed, and their size too. Now courtyard has reduced very much, and same is the case of household chore activities associated with it. Now only a few are interested in cattle farming, kitchen garden etc, which have led to the deficiency of Vitamin D. It adversely affects the health of housewives, who rarely go out.

Pregnant ladies should expose themselves to sunlight

In ancient days, it was quite common that pregnant ladies were strictly instructed to stay under sun for some time in the early mornings, to get sunlight to belly. But in today’s life with flat system apartments and working nature of ladies, it’s not at all possible. A fetus receives all the nutrients from his mother, and if mother is deficient in Vitamin D, it affects kid’s health too. Calcium is most important for the growth and development of teeth and bones of fetus. If this calcium is to be absorbed to the body, Vitamin D is most essential.

If mother has deficiency in Vitamin D, her child is prone to asthma and allergy in future. It also adversely affects his defense mechanism. Diabetic conditions during pregnancy may also due to deficiency in this vitamin, and gives chances of Type 1 diabetics for her child. Amount of Vitamin-D is comparatively low in mother’s body and hence infant gets very less amount of this nutrition from his mother. If needed Vitamin drops can be given to him till he reaches age 1. Its deficiency can lead to epilepsy in infants and many other disorders like rickets, low weight or height, muscle pain, bent legs, swollen belly etc. Vitamin D deficiency in elders can also cause issues like fatigue, muscle cramps and pain, pain in joints and back bone etc.

How to get exposed to sun rays?

10-15 minutes of exposure to sun rays is sufficient to get enough Vitamins for the body. But it should be done on a regular basis. You can choose time between 11 am and 1 pm too, and it’s not significant that you are fully exposed to sunlight. While doing your household activities in the courtyard or so, you can get sufficient D component. Most important – Never apply sunscreen lotion while doing so. 

Vitamin D is a hormone too

It’s not seen just as a nutrition supplement only. It also acts as hormone in our body, which directly engages in different chemical reactions. No other vitamin controls body metabolism. Vitamin D is most essential for the absorption of nutrients to blood and the proper functioning of hormones.

Vitamin D is short lived

Vitamin D is different from other vitamins which are stored for long time inside the human cells. Average life span of Vitamin D is only 2 weeks right from the moment it reaches the human body. That’s why we should regularly supply our body with this Vitamin.

Enhances the strength of bones and teeth

Calcium and phosphorous are more essential for the strength and development of bones and teeth, and for their production, calcium is a vital factor. Thus the deficiency of Vitamin D can weaken the bones and teeth and affect their proper functioning as well. It helps in the formation of muscles, and also retains their structure and rigidity. 

In the case of elderly people, deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to many complex issues. At the age of 50 or 55, the functioning of digestive enzymes reduces in functioning. For the same reason, even if food is taken properly, it may not get absorbed to the body. Exposure to sunlight cannot produce vitamin at this age. So, Vitamin D rich food is to be given to elderly people.    

For heart diseases and diabetics

Vitamin D plays an important role in the proper functioning of insulin, which is deeply linked to diabetic issues. So deficiency in Vitamin D can affect the balance of insulin, which controls diabetics, thyroid problems etc. It increases the chances of Type 1 diabetics, and increases health related complexities in those who have chances for Type 2 diabetics and also diabetic patients. Deficiency of Vitamin D increases heart related diseases, as Vitamin D strengthens heart and its absence increase the thickness of blood vessels and increases the chances of heart diseases. Patients who take medicines for diabetics, high blood pressure and cholesterol develop more chances for deficiency of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Resists breast cancer

Comparing other nutrient factors, Vitamin D is deeply linked to chemical reactions associated with human body, and that’s the reason why. This vitamin has deep bond with woman’s health, because calcium deficiency issues and hormonal problems affect them most.

How to realize deficiency of Vitamin D?

Blood test can easily detect the deficiency of Vitamin D. Tiredness without any reason, failure of body to resist even small pain, joint pain etc are a few symptoms. Though Vitamin supplements and injections are available, it is advisable to get exposed to more sunlight to acquire this vitamin in a natural way. Supplements also have some sort of limitations. Better change your life style, and adopt good food habits.

From where do we get this Vitamin?

1. Milk is sufficient enough to provide this Vitamin component. It’s also found in abundant in milk products like cheese.

2. Fish which are rich in fat, fish oil tablets etc include Vitamin D component too. Orange and grains are other sources.

3. Yellow yolk of egg contains Vitamin D in plenty. In short, animal products include this vitamin in plenty. If you are a strict vegetarian, mushroom is the best option. This component is also present in tofu.

4. Vitamin D fortified food is available in market. Soya milk and almond milk with fortified D can also be included in the diet.

5. Vitamin D is available from only a few products. So, sunlight is the best source.

Expose yourself to sunrays to get Vitamin D in plenty

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