Hrithik achieved stardom in Bollywood playing dual roles

Hrithik Roshan is only the second superstar after Rajesh Khanna who marked his Bollywood debut playing a duel role. Though Aakhri Khat was the first signed movie of Khanna, Raaz marked his actual screen debut where he played a dual role of siblings. As far as I know only two superstars of Bollywood have made their screen debut playing a dual role. Correct me if I am wrong. Quite interestingly, dual roles played by both these actors made them super stars; Rajesh Khanna in Aradhana and Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyar Hai. Click this link to read these interesting facts in detail.

Established as superstar with his debut film itself

Screen shot from the title track of the movie

Hrithik Roshan made his film debut in the year 2000 through Kaho Na Pyar Hai, which was the biggest hit of the year. With this single film, Hrithik established as the first superstar of new millennium. He played the dual roles of singers Rohit and Raj Chopra in this romantic film. A few actors in Bollywood from Rajesh Khanna to Hrithik Roshan have managed to become superstars playing a dual role. Read here to know the list of actors and those movies which gave them stardom.

A string of flops post super success of Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Kaho Na Pyar Hai was released in 2000, and it was followed by a string of flops and moderate successful movies. Though Fiza met with critical acclaim, the movie received only moderate success. Mission Kashmir – his third release opened to mixed reviews and performed only average at box office. Yaadein released in early 2001 was declared a flop. However he received success through Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. But it was a multi-starrer and Hrithik desperately needed a solo hit in his career.
In 2002 he had three releases – Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and Mujhse Dosti Karoge! All the three movies flopped at box office. He could not revive the magic of Kaho Na Pyar Hai through – Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage though he was paired with his successful co-star Ameesha Patel. Also read: Actresses who debut opposite Hrithik.
The disaster continued in 2003 as well and his much awaited film, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon – remake of classic hit Chitchor was also a flop. The media and film critics that praised Hrithik for his debut film and tagged him as ‘Hrithik Mania’ later described him as ‘Finished!’ Many even believed he will finish among the unlucky Bollywood stars with the tag – ‘One-hit wonder’. None of his releases after his debut film where he played a dual role propelled his career forward till Koi Mil Gaya was released the same year. He rose like a phoenix with Koi Mil Gaya and showed to everyone he was the best discovery of Bollywood in the recent times. There was no turning back after that.

Koi Mil Gaya revived his career

Though Kaho Na Pyar Hai is his most popular movie up-to-date, in terms of performance Koi Mil Gaya is regarded as his finest film. With a strong script, this science fiction movie with an alien playing a pivot role cemented Hrithik’s position as one of the finest actors of Bollywood. Many might be surprised why I mentioned this movie among Hrithik’s double roles. Though Hrithik played the role of Rohit Mehra, he portrayed two extremes of same character, and definitely it’s a dual role.
Both the roles were contradictory. He played a mentally disabled school boy and extremely talented normal boy in a single movie, and the role met with critical and commercial success. After his debut film, Koi Mil Gaya was only his second super hit film as a solo hero, and quite surprising he played a dual role in both.

Success again through the sequel of Koi Mil Gaya where he played a dual role

After the super success of Koi Mil Gaya in 2003, he turned choosy. Only a single movie was released in between 2003 and 2006 – Lakshya which received only moderate success at box office. He was paired with his ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ co-star Preity Zinta for the movie. After the release of Lakshya in 2004, his next release was Krish in 2006 where he played a clear cut dual role of father and son. Quite co-incidence it became a huge hit and was critically appreciated. Thus in between 2000 and 2006, as a solo hero he received success playing dual roles only. Strange, but true! 

Koi Tumsa Nahin song from Krish

With the super success of Krish, he gained momentum once again and he established as one of the biggest Bollywood stars all-time. Krish-3 was released in 2015. Though the movie received negative response from critics, it emerged as a huge hit. Thus Hrithik has never faced a failure at box office whenever he played dual/double roles and till now he has done 4 movies belonging to this genre.

After the release of Krish, Hrithik has given both hits and flops through a string of movies. Except Jodhaa Akbar and Zindagi Na Milegaa, no movie has met with critical appreciation. Yet Hrithik’s films always emerged as box office hits except a few occasions. Movies like Dhoom-2 and Bang Bang! Purely ran on his stardom than his performance. To make ‘Hrithik Roshan’ a brand and super star, his dual roles have definitely played a major role.    
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