How to remove stains from clothes? A few simple tips

A new piece of salwar, used only once; but it lost its beauty due to some unexpected stains. It happens quite often. A single stain at a wrong place can damage the dress as whole, and can never use it again though it’s expensive. Through this column, I shall give you a few simple tricks that can help you to get out of this problem at many times.

Vinegar to remove Oil and grease – Take equal quantity of vinegar and water and mix well. Then immerse the stained parts in the solution for a while. Wash after sometime. Oil and grease will be removed from your cloth without any trace.

Shampoo for minute and silly stains – Apply shampoo on affected areas and wash after sometime. Stain will be removed completely.

Soap for Turmeric stain – Wash the cloth using soap and warm water to remove the yellow stain of turmeric.

Lemon or salt for Stain of tea – If tea happens to fall on your cloth with light shades, there are more chances to get stains. Apply lemon juice and salt on the stained portions, and wash after sometime.

Curd or lemon for Stain of paan using betel leaves – Apply a little curd or lemon juice on the affected area, keep it for a while and wash it off.

Tamarind for Rust stain – Apply a little tamarind on the affected areas. Wash after some time. Rust stain will be removed completely.

Spirit for Paint – It can happen quite accidently when you paint old furniture, a toy or a wall. Stain of paint can be removed with the help of spirit. Dip a piece of cloth in spirit and strongly rub on the stained parts of your cloth. You can see the slowly fading colour paint.

Curd for Ink stain – It regularly happens with school uniform. There is a very easy method to get rid of ink stains. Apply curd on the ink stain and after half hour, wash using warm water and soap.  

Baking powder for oil stains If oil spits to your cloth, apply a little baking powder and rub well using a brush. Later wash your cloth your soap.

Talcum powder for ink stains Make a fine paste of talcum powder and apply on the stained areas. Allow it to dry. Later remove the talcum powder and wash well in cold water. 

Glycerin for fruit stainsUsing warm water, try to clean those fruit stains as early as possible. If the attempt is not successful, apply a little glycerine. Later dip a sponge in vinegar and rub over stained areas. Later wash your cloth in cold water.

Glycerin for coffee stain Turn the cloth with inner side out and wash the stained area in hot water. If not completely gone, apply a little glycerin, rub it well and wash your cloth.

Salt for blood stains – Wash the cloth first in cold water and then sprinkle a little salt over the stain. Rub it well and wash using soap and water.

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