How to clean kitchen utensils? A few simple tips for you

Cooking is an art and every lady loves it. But kitchen is a mess soon after her ‘art work’ is over. Washing dishes and cleaning sink and counter top is totally a mess and a tedious job for many. Here I suggest a few simple tips to clean accessories of kitchen. Also read: Shining Kitchen – A few simple tips.

To remove stains from pressure cooker – Add vinegar to water and boil the solution in pressure cooker. Boil it well. Take vinegar in the proportion 1 big spoon for 1 cup water. While cooking you can put a small piece of tamarind or lemon piece inside the cooker if possible. If so inner portion of the cooker won’t turn dark easily. 

To clean brass vessels – Use a mixture of tamarind and salt and rub it well. Later wash in cold water to see them shine brighter. Another method is to dip lemon slices in salt and rub the vessels. Wash the vessels in cold water. You can use the same method to clean bronze vessels too.

To clean glass vessels – Add washing blue to the water used to clean glass utensils. Then use warm water and clean glass vessels thoroughly. 

To clean kadai (cheena chatti) – To clean the excess grease and stains of kadai, heat it, and add some buttermilk (sour). Place it aside and allow to cool. Then clean the vessel using a dish washer.

To remove excess oil from dishes – If your plates or vessels are greased in excess oil, rub it well using paper/newspaper and then wash it off. You can also use vinegar to clean oily dishes and vessels.

To remove stains from aluminum utensils – Slice some onions, and boil it well in the vessel adding enough water.

If your curry stick on the bottom of vessel/cookerIf you forget the curry which you put in flame, and later it blackens the bottom of the vessel causing stains, pour water into it and put 2-3 teaspoons of tea powder. Boil the contents for 2-3 minutes, and using a spatula stir continuously. After 2 minutes, put off the flame and allow to cool. Wash it with cold water later. Stains and blackened ingredients such as onions which stick on to the bottom will be fully removed.

To remove stains from vessels – Dip utensils in water mixed with bleaching powder. After some time, wash them using detergent to remove stains completely. If the stain is excess, sprinkle a little salt and keep them aside overnight. Next day morning you can wash it thoroughly.

To remove stains from electric kettle – Add 4 tsp vinegar and 1/2 tsp salt to 1 glass water. Boil this solution in the kettle.

To remove stains from non-stick cookware – Boil 1/2 cup water adding 2 table spoons of baking powder and 1/2 cup vinegar. You can remove even hard stains from non-stick pans using this method.

To clean glass bowls – Dip lemon skin in salt and rub your glass bowls with it. Bowls can be cleaned easily.

To clean chopping board – Cut a lemon into two halves and dip in salt. Now press it well on the chopping board, rub it and clean. Use a cloth to remove the dust and stains and then wash it well.

To clean mixer jar – Add a little warm water along with liquid detergent in the mixer jar. Now switch on the mixer and blend it well. Now clean your jar in cold water and see the difference. Another method – First add 1 cup hot water to mixer jar and beat for a few minutes. Add a little dish wash and detergent along with 1 cup water and put on the switch. Later thoroughly clean your mixer jar. 

To make steel vessels shine – Dip a cloth in white vinegar and strongly rub the steel vessels.

For shining crockery – Prepare a solution using salt and lemon juice, and rub the utensils with it. Later wash it using cold water thoroughly. 

I shall add more cleaning tips to this column. Keep watching this space.

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