How much food should I cook for guests at home? What’s the correct measurement?

Many house wives are often confused with the amount of food to be prepared at home for a party. How much rice is required to serve 10 people? Is the prepared chicken curry sufficient for everyone? You may feel nervous if any of the prepared items was not sufficient to serve all. Here are a few easy tips for you that give a simple calculation of estimated food for a single serving. This list is a rough calculation and you can make suitable changes as per situation.

1. 1 kilo cooked rice is sufficient enough for 8 adults.

2. If you have planned to serve appam, bread, roti or chappatti along with rice, take its count as 1.5 on average.

3. A chicken can be cut into 12 medium sized pieces. If it’s for biryani, it can be cut into 7 big pieces.

4. 1 kilogram chicken is sufficient to prepare chicken curry for 5 adults.

5. 1 kilo fish is sufficient for a single serve of 10 people. Cut the fish to almost 15 pieces. For fish fry, slice them to big & thin 10 pieces.

6. 1 kilogram beef curry can be served to 7 people. If it is any sort of dry or fry dish, same amount can serve 6 people.

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