6 Magic Mantras for glowing face

Glowing face is the dream of every beauty. It’s always better to retain the natural glow of skin instead of solely relying on makeup and cosmetic products. The basic steps of skin care – cleansing, toning and moisturizing and also scrub, face pack and sunscreen are those 6 magic mantras which you need to concentrate to.

A. Cleansing

Cleanser brightens your skin and retains freshness. Cleanser can be applied on face before doing makeup, and also to remove it when you reach home. If you don’t clean your face properly, in short time itself, negative effects will be visible on skin. Know these important points while using cleansers.

1. At first find what type of skin you own, and the next step is to choose a suitable cleanser. 

2. Cleansers are mainly used to remove the dirt and dust particles which are absorbed to skin layers and deep pores. But if you use in excess, skin turns dry and wrinkles may appear. Use cleansers not more than twice a day – just before you apply makeup and to remove it before you go to bed.

3. Different areas of skin hold different properties. Special cleansing milk is available in market to remove lipstick, mascara, waterproof eyeliner etc. Try to use this product only.

How to use cleansers?

Make small balls from cotton and dip in cleansers. Rub it softly on face and allow drying. Otherwise you can take cleansers in your fingers and apply on face. Massage for 5 minutes and then allow drying. Wash your face in cold water three or four times and gently remove the moisture.

Natural cleansers

Milk is the best natural cleanser. But never boil it before using. Apply on face and neck and wash off after 15 minutes. If you do this regularly on daily basis, you get a glowing skin. But for oily skinned people, substitute milk with rose water. Before you go to bed, dip cotton in rose water and clean your face. Dust and dirt will be removed and you achieve a glowing skin.

B. Moisturizing

Age, climate, dirt and excess use of air conditioner can adversely affect skin. To shield skin from all these evil factors, you can use moisturizer on a daily basis.

1. Moisturizer helps to retain the water content of your skin. Soon after you bath, your skin and face will be moist and if you apply moisturizing cream or lotion before your skin turns dry, it’s more effective.

2. Before you use makeup, you can massage your face using moisturizing lotion. It retains makeup for long hours.

3. Dry skinned people should use thick moisturizers like shea butter before they go to bed. But for oily skinned people, they should use moisturizer only once a day.

How to use moisturizers? 

Using a natural dry brush, massage from thin to forehead in upward strokes. You can brush at a portion up to 5 times. After that, wash your face in cold water and apply moisturizer. Take moisturizers in fingers and touch your face here and there, and then massage it well. It’s the most practical method to use moisturizers.

Natural moisturizers

Clean coconut oil is a good moisturizer. Twice a week, you can massage your face and body using fresh coconut oil. Your skin turns soft. Here I suggest a few more natural moisturizers.

1. Take a small spoon each lemon juice and honey and mix well. Apply on your face and wash it off.

2. Mix lemon juice with coconut water and use it to wash your face to improve the fairness of skin.

3. Make pulp from a well-ripen banana, and apply on your hands and legs. Dryness of skin disappears easily.

4. Take equal amounts of lemon juice and glycerin and apply on your face and body to get good moisturizing effect.

5. Mix a small spoon of olive oil with an egg white and apply on your face. It gets rid of dryness and improves skin glow.

C. Skin toning

Most often, toning is not treated with proper care. It rubs of dirt deposits of face and closes the opened pores. It also tightens the skin. It improves blood circulation, and changes to your skin with moisture feel, thus giving a glowing feel.

1. If you use toners with alcohol content daily, your skin can turn dry easily. So never use such toners frequently. If you have oily skin, chose alcohol-free toners.

2. Before you go to bed, apply rose water daily and wash off after 10 minutes. If you don’t use other toners, rose water fills the void to great extent.

3. For skin care, use toners with Vitamin E content.

How to use skin toners?

Use cotton or cotton cloth to apply toners on your face. From the lower side of your neck, apply toners towards the upper regions and gently massage in circles. Change the edges of cotton while using toners, and the cotton with dirt should never be dipped in toners again.

Natural toners

Egg white is the readily available toner at home. Remove yellow yolk completely and apply on face and skin. After 15 minutes, massage in upward strokes and wash it off.

1. Take rose water and green tea in equal amounts and apply on face. It gives good toning effect.

2. Occassionally you can wrap ice cubes in cotton clothes and rub on face to give it a toning effect.

D. Scrub

Scrubbing process helps to remove dead cells of skin and provides a glowing effect. It also opens pores. Avoiding scrubbing completely or doing it frequently – both can adversely affect skin health.

1. Dry skinned people can scrub face once in a week. Oily skinned people can use scrubs thrice a week. Soft scrubs are best for face.

2. Scrubs are available in cream, gel and lotion types. Choose one which suits your skin most.

3. Most important – soon after you scrubbed your face, use some face pack. When you scrub your face, pores open wide. To close those pores and tighten the skin, pack is used. It also helps to improve blood circulation.

How to use scrubs?

Wash your face with cold water or rub it with ice cubes first. Apply scrub from lower side of neck to forehead. Then gently massage your face and neck using upward strokes in round circles. Give extra care to both sides of nose and also your chin. Use cotton or cotton cloth dipped in cold water to remove the scrub.

Natural scrubs

1. Add a little sugar to a big spoon of coconut oil. It’s a good and natural scrubber for your face.

2. Take ½ cup powdered sugar and add a little lemon juice, a small spoon honey and required amount of water to prepare scrub and use it.

3. Take a small spoon of oats powder, and add a big spoon of curd or lemon juice. Apply on your face and neck.

4. In the juice extract from one tomato, add a big spoon of sugar and apply on your face.

E. Face Pack

Face packs plays a magnificent role in skin care. To improve skin attraction and provide an extra glow to skin, face packs are the most suited beauty products.

1. You can use face packs once in a week, and choose them based on your skin characteristics. 

2. For oily skin, packs containing milk and milk products should be avoided. Instead choose one with rose water or lemon juice content.

3. 20 minutes is the ideal time for face pack on your face, and wash it off soon.

4. When face pack turns dry, never try to remove them as such. Instead use a moist cloth to remove it.

5. Keep your mouth shut after you applied face pack (don’t talk). Otherwise it may result in the formation of face wrinkles.

How to use face packs?

Apply cucumber slices or moist cotton on your eyes, with lids closed. Then only apply face pack around your eyes. Use a brush to apply face pack on your face. Start from lower side of neck and apply face packs in upward direction.  

Natural face packs

1. Take a big spoon of muttani mitti and ½ small spoon each honey, rose water and lemon juice and mix it well. Apply on your face to get good results. Wash off after 20 minutes.

2. Make pulp from well ripen papaya and apply as pack on your face. It gets rid of sun tan and provides you a glowing face.

3. Take equal amounts of Bengal gram flour and curd and prepare face pack. It’s suited for all age groups.

4. For oily skinned people, take a big spoon of muttani mitti and sandalwood powder, and add sufficient rose water to prepare face pack.

5. Powder a big spoon of masoor dal. Add a small spoon ghee and sufficient milk to prepare face pack.

6. Soak a small spoon of oats in water. Add ½ small spoon milk to it and prepare face pack. It provides a glowing skin.

7. Take equal amount of tomato paste and cucumber juice to get rid of oily nature of skin.

F. Sun screens

It’s a myth that sunscreens should be used only when you go out. But it’s true that you should use sunscreen whenever you go out, and use it at least 30 minutes before. Choose sun screen lotions well suiting your skin type. Water proof sunscreens are also available in market, which you can use while going to swimming pool.

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