What Is a Collagen Facial?

With the early 30s, wrinkles and black spots start appearing, indicating the start of ageing process. Collagen treatment gained popularity in the recent times for its benefits to keep skin young and free it from elasticity problems. Through this column I would like to briefly explain how Collagen treatment is done.

How is Collagen facial done?

As usual procedure of normal facials, skin is cleaned using dehydrating cleanser. It’s followed by scrubbing for 4-5 minutes to remove dead cells and black heads. In Collagen treatment, detoxifying exfoliator cream is used for this purpose. Eyes are scrubbed only gently, while face and neck are scrubbed as usual procedure. Skin is cleaned using white cotton and black heads and white heads are also removed. Also read: How to remove black heads and white heads without going to a parlour.

For collagen facial, special collagen cream with extracts of grape juice is used for this purpose. Glycerin is also present. Upper strokes are used for massaging, and after that collagen pack is applied. Similar to collagen cream, grape juice extract is also present in this pack. Whitening serum, moisturizer and vitamin C are other major ingredients. After 20 minutes, the pack dries and it can be washed off. Cool compression of face is also carried out and sunscreen lotion is applied to complete the process.

After care of Collagen treatment

For the next one month, include antioxidant supplement food items in your diet. You can include fruits and vegetables a lot. Vitamin capsules are also to be taken. B complex after breakfast, vitamin C after lunch and vitamin E after supper – is the normal prescription. Skin food treatment can also be done once in a week, and it can be prepared at home naturally.

Soak 3 almonds overnight and grind it next day morning. Mix it with half teaspoon oats powder, half teaspoon yellow yolk and 4 drops of honey. If you have dry skin, add a little milk skin also. Apply it on face and neck and wait for 15 minutes to apply the second coat of the same mixture. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Do it regularly for next one month or so to attain glowing skin free of wrinkles.   

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