Your Wardrobe Also Needs Detoxing

You may have plenty of garments in your wardrobe collection. But when you plan an outing and open the wardrobe, you may say to yourself, “I have no good cloth to wear”. If you are in haste or a bit lazy, you may not have enough patience to spend a little time and search for a good costume, and choose some cloth which you ‘search’ first.

Have you ever thought, your wardrobe might also be thinking for a change, a makeover? Isn’t it nice to dump useless clothes, and then arrange the remaining one in order and tidy? Yes, a detoxing for your wardrobe, so that it likes tidy and provides more space. Your wardrobe will also get enough space to breath, right? Here I provide a few easy tips, how to arrange clothes and other accessories in your wardrobe, perfect.

Tips to arrange clothes in your wardrobe

1. First take all garments out and arrange in three categories – Those which you use, those which you can give to others and those which can be recycled for any other use. You can ‘customize’ your own strategies also, based on your preferences and types of things you place in your wardrobe.

2. Next step is to categorize them as daily wear, home wear, office wear, party wear, inner garments etc.

3. Some dress pieces can be hung inside wardrobe. Your eyes reach them easily, and you can save a lot of space too.

4. If a lot of dresses have been dumped in your wardrobe and you are in a confusion to use or throw, best strategy here is to reduce shopping at least for next few months. Make decision that you will buy one pair of cloth only when you have to throw two pairs out. When clothes get older, you can remove them and make your wardrobe spacious.

5. When you reduce your cloth buying habit, it saves your money and keep your wardrobe more tidy and spacious too. It is a strategy to stay close to nature and conservation of eco system too. For cotton plant to grow, it needs water. Harmful pesticides are also used. When you reduce overall consumption it indirectly helps in nature conservation.

6. Synthetic clothes don’t decompose easily in soil. Dark coloured/dyed clothes need more water for the process. When you consume less synthetic clothes, you are indirectly helping nature.

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