Kitchen Tips This Monsoon

Monsoon – The cold rainy season when housewife doesn’t want too much time to spend inside kitchen. Everything may be soaked in chillness, from match box to pappad, and here are a few monsoon tips for making your kitchen work easy.

To avoid clotting of coconut oil – During winter and monsoon seasons, coconut oil may clot. To avoid this add a few drops of mustard oil to the container.

To keep matchbox warm – Keep your matchbox in an airtight container to keep it warm.

To avoid damage of cooking oil – During rainy season, oil may get damaged easily, and tastes different. To avoid this, add a few drops of castor oil.

For Pappads – Now, what to do with pappads in the rainy season? Cover them using plastic covers and place inside refrigerator. Just take them out a few minutes before frying.

To prevent rusting of knives – Onions can serve this purpose. Slice an onion and rub on both the sides of the knife. Keep it so for a while and clean both the sides.

To keep biscuits – Tie a little crystal salt in a piece of cotton, and put it inside the container. The container should be closed tight.

To keep chilli powder away from fungus – Absorption of moisture can cause fungus in your chilli powder. Just fry a few coriander leaves and put inside the chilli powder container.

To clean cutting board – Take juice from a lemon, add a small spoon of baking powder, mix well and apply on either surfaces of the cutting board. After half an hour, wash it off using hot water. Full dirt will be removed and your cutting board becomes clean.

During monsoon, whole atmosphere is filled with moisture. Keep all your spices and powders in air tight containers. If so, they won’t be easily affected by the moisture of kitchen.

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