Vishu Katta

Vishu Katta is a rice cake – a traditional Kerala dish, served as breakfast for Vishu usually in mid-Kerala in districts like Thrissur. In the glorious yesterdays when agriculture was given so much importance, Vishu Katta used to be prepared with freshly harvested rice from paddy fields. Now everything is just instant! There are slight variations in method of preparation. However raw rice and coconut milk are the main ingredients, and it’s served as a dessert. Here is one such method of preparation. You can also add cumin seeds, dry ginger or cardamom, or a combination of two or more to bring twist to this delicious dish. You can use Unakkalari (a form of brown rice usually used to prepare payasam) or Pachari for best results.

Ingredients for Vishu Katta (Recipe 1):

1. Brown raw rice (Unakkalari) – 1 glass

    Green gram dal – 1 glass

2. Coconut milk – Extracted from 2 coconuts

3. Jaggery – ¼ kg, melted and strained

4. Ghee – 1 small spoon

How to prepare Vishu Katta (Recipe 1)?

1. Slightly dry fry green gram dal.

2. Cook raw rice and dal adding coconut milk.

3. When it thickens add melted jaggery.

4. Mix the contents well and put off the flame.

5. Add ghee and allow it to rest for a while.

6. You can cut Vishu Katta into small square pieces and serve.

Note: In some regions, instead of pouring jaggery solution to Vishu Katta, it is served along with the dish. Usually it’s served on banana leaves, and a few drops of 1st extract of coconut milk can be sprinkled to add extra flavour. During the preparation of dish also, you can add 1st extract of coconut milk in the final stage just before you take Vishu Katta from flame.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine April 1-14, 2015 

Vishu Katta (Recipe 2)

Ingredients for Vishu Katta (Recipe 2):

1. Basmati rice/Good quality raw rice – 1.5 cups

2. Coconut milk second extract – 4 cups

3. Coconut milk first extract – 1 cup

    Cumin seeds – A pinch

    Salt – As needed

4. Jaggery – For taste

5. Ghee – 1 small spoon

How to prepare Vishu Katta (Recipe 2)?

1. Wash rice well and cook it adding second extract of coconut milk.

2. When rice in 3/4th done, add ingredients no: 3 and cook again.

3. When water content is fully absorbed and rice is well cooked, put off the flame.

4. Grease a plate using coconut milk and transfer cooked rice to it.

5. Using a spoon spread the contents to level it.

6. When it cools, cut into desired pieces.

7. Melt jaggery adding sufficient water to prepare jaggery solution. It should have thin consistency.

8. Add a spoon of ghee to jaggery solution and mix well.

9. Pour this jaggery solution on the top of Vishu Katta and serve.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine, April 1-14, 2020

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