Strawberry Trifle

Ingredients for Strawberry Trifle:

1. Strawberry – ½ kg

2. Sponge cake –  12 pieces with dimension, 2-inch length & 1-inch width

3. Strawberry jam – 2 big spoons

4. Apple juice – 4 big spoons

5. Lemon – 1, small

6. Double cream – 300 milli

7. Milk – 3 big tea spoons

    Vanilla essence – ½ small tsp

    Sugar powdered – 2 big tsps.

How to prepare Strawberry Trifle?

1. Pull stem from each strawberry outwards in such a way that its inner portion comes out. But keep a few strawberries aside for trifle.

2. Cut each strawberry into two halves. If they are big, cut them into 4 parts.

3. Take all these strawberry pieces in a big bowl.

4. Take a piece of sponge cake and apply jam on one side.

5. Then place another piece of cake on its top and gently press it.

6. Continue the process for remaining cake pieces too.

7. Add cake pieces to strawberry pieces and pour apple juice on its top.

8. Gently toss the contents.

9. Wrap the bowl using cling film and store in refrigerator till cake pieces turn soft.

10. Grate lemon using a grater and take the lemon skin.

11. Take cream in a big bowl and add lemon skin, powdered sugar, milk and essence to it.

12. Mix the contents well till it thickens.

13. Pour this mixture on the top of refrigerated sponge cake.

14. Using the back side of the spoon gently spread the cream to form a layer and place in refrigerator.

15. Keep in refrigerator till it sets.

16. You can decorate it with strawberries and mint leaves.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine November 1-14, 2019

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