Some timesaving tips in kitchen for easy cooking

Culinary is an art, and it needs great passion to bring improvisations and learn new things better. For a housewife, she can spare at least 8 hours exclusively for cooking, while it’s not possible for a working woman. She needs some shortcut methods to make the process easy, if ever possible without compromising with taste or odour. Here I suggest some of easy timesaving tips and make your cooking process easy as well.

1. You can dry fry scrapped coconut in large quantities and store it in an airtight container for long days. Whenever you need, you make easily make coconut paste for fish, meat etc or vegetarian curries like theeyal or potato. You can also add chopped onions and curry leaves while frying coconut to enhance taste. If so store it in a tight container in refrigerator.

2. While dry frying scrapped coconut in bulk quantities, you can also fry red chillies and coriander seeds in right proportion with scrapped coconut. If so you can prepare easy sambar, fish, and vegetable curries. Frying red chillies and coriander seeds definitely enhances the taste of gravy too. Grind it only when it’s necessary.

3. You can substitute tomato with tomato sauce for dishes. It saves time for cutting, chopping and sauting of tomatoes. Taste won’t differ too much.

4. You can make ginger-garlic paste when you are free and store in glass containers in refrigerator. Add a pinch of salt also. It lasts long. You can also store chilli paste similar way to make your kitchen work easy.

5. Remove the outer skin of garlic, onions and shallots and store in refrigerator in air tight containers or plastic containers. It stays long if moisture content is removed completely. So it’s better not to wash them before you keep them in refrigerator. Wash them just before use. Also, if onions and shallots are kept in refrigerator for a few hours before use, tears won’t come from your eyes while slicing.

6. While you chop vegetables for normal dishes, you can keep a little separately. It helps you to prepare easy snacks and sandwiches.

7. You can prepare easy rasam from dal cooked water, while boiling dal for sambar or dal curry.

8. Use a scissors to cut mint leaves and coriander leaves easily.

9. You can prepare stock in large quantity and store in freezer in plastic covers. You can take out stock from freezer whenever necessary.

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