Some healthy food tips to overcome problems of winter season

Winter season is associated with skin dryness and several health related issues like breathing problems, cold, sore throat etc. Let me give you a few food tips that can help you this winter season to overcome such problems.

1. Avoid cold dishes as much as possible during cold weather season. Slightly warm your food before you eat.

2. If you suffer issues of sore throat in the early mornings during winter, add 3 cloves to your bed coffee or tea.

3. You can add a few basil leaves to your drinking water and serve it thrice a day. Basil leaves own the magic power to induce antibodies which fight against diseases. But kindly note – as basil leaves are used for medical purposes as stimulants you can seek the advice of your doctor before doing so. Using it for long time should be strictly under the guidance of a certified physician.

4. You can add mint leaves to your drinking water or fresh salads to get resist cold.

5. Vitamin C present in gooseberry, lemon, orange and tomatoes play an important role in defense mechanism.

6. To get rid of throat pain, drink warm water adding ginger pieces and honey. Honey can also lessen the intensity of cough and related problems.

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