Some easy methods to remove stains using nail polish remover and toothpaste

If you repeat the ad-statements, ‘Stains are good’, housewives may not agree with you. Do you know, some of the easy stain removers are found in your makeup box and brushing kit? Then why to feel tension? Here I give you a few simple methods to remove stains using nail polish remover and toothpaste.

Methods to remove stains using nail polish remover

To remove ink stains – When school going kids reach home in the evening, their shirts will be filled with ink stains. Add 2 small spoons of water to a small spoon nail polish remover. Mix it well and using cotton, rub it on the stained regions of clothes. Ink stains can be removed easily.

To regain the white colour of switchboards – White colour switchboards get deposited with dust as time passes by and it changes its colour too. Dip an old toothbrush in nail polish remover and clean your switchboards. Rub it well to retain the glory of old switchboards. You can also clean your computer keyboard using the same technique.

To clean gum from dress – The gum used to stick sandals or similar things may stick on to your dress and causes stains not easy to remove. Dip cotton in nail polish remover and rub it on the stained regions of clothes.

Methods to remove stains using toothpaste

To remove melted cloth pieces from iron box – Allow the iron box to cool and then apply toothpaste (without gel) on the surface of iron box. Rub it strongly using a rough cloth. Dip another cloth piece in water and clean the surface of iron box completely.

To remove crayon marks on walls – It’s quite common in homes with small kids. They may draw pictures on walls. To remove those marks, you can use toothpaste. Use a brush to rub those stained areas with toothpaste. Finally wash the wall using cold water.

To remove stains of beverages on wooden dining tables and chairs – Stains can easily form on wooden tables and dining tables due to coffee, tea, cold drinks etc. The glasses and cups in which you place tea or coffee can also give stains to your furniture. Such stains cannot be easily removed using water. You can remove these stains using toothpaste.

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