Smart food for smart working ladies

Who is assigned to maximum tasks at home? Who is doing extra manual efforts at home? Definitely working moms. From early morning to late midnight she works restless. If she is working in office, then her efforts are double. In the hasty and busy life schedule, she less cares her body and health. She needs food that supplies her high energy. If she is able to include a few health supplements to her daily diet, her health will be improved. She should also find enough time to have her food at right time. Here I provide some of the smart food items she should include in her daily diet.

1. A plate full of fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables is a healthy diet for all groups of people. Brown rice, oats, dishes using wheat, pulses etc should be included in daily diet.

2. Include protein rich food in your diet. Soya products, peas, pulses, meat, fish, curd and milk are good sources of protein.

3. As age passes by, she may be attacked by osteoporosis, a disease affecting bones due to the deficiency of calcium. Milk and milk products, ragi, daals, leafy vegetables, oats, cabbage, beans and garlic are sufficient to supply necessary calcium to the body.

4. She should also include iron rich food in her special menu. Due to monthly periods, or conditions like PCOD or menopause, she may lose iron through blood. You can compensate the loss using spinach, fruits like pomegranate, almonds, chicken, white chickpeas, rajma, dry fruits etc. Substitute sugar with jaggery.

5. Eat food at the right time. Eat something in 3 or 4 hours. Small meals at breaks are better than heavy meals. Never skip breakfast.

6. Forget junk food forever. Also say good bye to food items with excess sugar, salt and oil. Cola, pizza, burger, pastry, samosa, chips, puffs etc belong to this category.

7. Eat fish and flax seeds containing Omega-3 fatty acids. Fry and use flax seeds.

8. To strengthen your bones, include calcium, magnesium and vitamin D in your regular diet. Milk and milk products supply calcium. Vegetables and leafy vegetables, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed etc contain magnesium. Exposure to sunlight and food items such as prawns, fish and eggs can supply Vitamin D.

9. Give importance to food items that releases energy and strengthen your bones.

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