Puli Inji for Kozhikode Sadya

Puli Inji is an integral part of Malabar sadya. It’s also served in some regions of mid-Kerala. But this dish is substituted with Inji Curry in southern parts of Kerala. While Inji curry is bitter in taste, which includes almost the exact flavour of ginger, it’s a sweet side dish in Malabar regions known as Inji Puli or Puli Inji. I have added one Inji Puli recipe earlier. Click here to read.

Ingredients for Puli Inji for Kozhikode Sadya:

1. Tamarind (a bit old) – ½ cup

    Water – 3 cups

2. Salt – As required

    Turmeric powder – 1 small spoon

    Chilli powder – 2 small spoons

3. Jaggery – 5 pieces powdered (5 Achu)

    Ginger finely chopped – 1.5 big spoons

    Green chillies finely chopped – 1.5 big spoons

4. Coconut oil – 1 big spoon

5. Mustard – 1 small spoon

    Red chillies – 2

    Curry leaves – 2 stalks

6. Fenugreek fried and powdered – ½ small spoon

How to prepare Puli Inji for Kozhikode Sadya?

1. Soak tamarind in water and keep it aside for some time.

2. Later add 3 cups of water and prepare tamarind juice.

3. Transfer the juice to an urli, add ingredients no: 2 and boil.

4. When water content reduces to half, add ingredients no: 3 and stir well using a spatula.

5. Boil it continuously till the contents thicken and water content almost absorbs.

6. When it turns paste like, take your Puli Inji from flame.

7. Temper ingredients no: 5 in hot oil and add to curry.

8. Stir well and wait for the curry to cool.

9. Now add fenugreek powder and mix well before you serve.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine September 1-14, 2016

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